New hard drive - can I copy old one?

  Ballie 11:30 09 Jul 2008


I am running win xp my hard drive is 112gb but its about 90% full, I have two questions please.

1. I want to buy a new hard drive 250gb or bigger, any advice on which ones are best (don't care about cost)

2. Is there any reliable software that can copy my entire existing hard drive (including the operating system) and install it onto the new drive so that it all works as it dose now but on the bigger drive?


  crosstrainer 11:48 09 Jul 2008

To make an exact copy of your hard drive:

Acronis True Image 11:

click here

Does exactly what it say's on the tin!

For Hard drives:

Have a look:

click here

  helen. 11:53 09 Jul 2008

Is your hard drive an IDE or SATA drive?

If it is an IDE drive are you sure your bios will support a 250Gb one?

If it is IDE and you can take a 250Gb. Go for one with a large cache ( 16Mb ) and fast speed ( 7200 ).
Something like click here
When you do decide which hard drive to put in. If you go to the manufacturers website you should be able to get a free cloning program to clone the system over.

  kalignorgna 11:56 09 Jul 2008

norton gost is by far the best HD clone tool u can get u can get it from this link click here also u can now buy a samsung 1TB for under £100 pound so a 500GB sould only cost around £50-70 for a good one

  Ballie 12:06 09 Jul 2008


My mother board (MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum model number MS-6570E - has bios ver V11.5) can support SATA or IDE, I am currently using IDE because I am unsure on how to set up a SATA hard drive so I was going to continue with IDE and buy a new IDE drive.

I thought that the HDD capacity on my board was limited by the operating system and not the bios, but maybe I am wrong?

  T0SH 12:17 09 Jul 2008


Most if not all hard drive manufacturers have a free downloadable utility with which you can clone your old drive to the new one once you have decided on a brand get downloading from their web site

(often this is based on one or other of the pay for options mentioned in earlier answers to your post)

Cheers HC

  helen. 12:29 09 Jul 2008

You should be fine with a 250Gb IDE drive. click here

It is the bios that merits the size of drive you can use. If you use XP with SP1 it should see all the drive in one go.:-)

  Batch 12:42 09 Jul 2008

Installing a SATA drive shouldn't be a problem if your mobo supports it. Apart from the physical connections (see below), there is not really any difference other than that to get the best out of SATA you might need to install some different drivers (XP might even do this automatically anyhow). The physical size and mounting of SATA drives is the same as for IDE.

SATA drives have different signal cables (than IDE). See click here or click here (the latter has an angled connector at one end which can be useful is space is tight.

SATA drives also have different power connectors (although some SATA drives have both the "traditional" style power connector and the new style. But in any event, you can get adaptors (see click here).

Ebuyer is also a good place to buy the disk (i.e. competitive prices).

  Stuartli 12:43 09 Jul 2008

Seagate's Disk Wizard offers the chance to upgrade the disk capacity configuration and, as far as I'm aware, can also be used for cloning (it's a lite version of Acronis True Image).

click here

Acronis True Image can also be downloaded for a 14 day trial period:

click here

  cyberphobic 23:28 09 Jul 2008

XX Clone is a programme which is a free dowload which I use to "mirror" all my computers on to external Hard Drives every couple of weeks. I prefer it to Acronis because all the files are visible and accessible and not "encrypted" as they are on Acronis etc.

Go here

Itclick here will do exactly what you want inabout 45 mins at no cost

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