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  Ade_1 11:36 13 Aug 2006

Hi, I am looking to double my hard drive space to 160GB. I currently have an 80GB Maxtor 6L080M0, which if I am correct in what I am saying is a Serial-ATA.

I did see one hard drive but it is classed as an SATA2. So, my questions to you are, what is the difference between SATA2 and SATA and if you could advise me on a good quality hard drive to go for...

Obviously I have looked at some myself but thought best get the advice before I make my decision...

Thanks in advance


(Just in case you were wondering why I want to double my hard drive space rather than buy another one to put as my secondry is because I do not believe my current PSU is powerful enough to power 2 Hard Drives along with other components in my machine.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:59 13 Aug 2006

SATA 2 (SATA 300) is not backwards compatible with a SATA (SATA 150) controller. In order to use a SATA 2 drive on a SATA (SATA 1?) controller, the hard drive must have a jumper position to restrict it to using SATA (SATA 150), and a jumper must be installed. Some drives have the jumper position available (e.g. some recent Samsung), some don't (e.g. some recent Maxtor).
This information can also probably be easily found on your hard drive manufacturer's web site.
If your drive does not have the jumper position available, you must return it and get a SATA 2 one that does, or a SATA drive.

What motherboard do you have are you sure the board is only a SATA 1 controller?

  Ade_1 12:10 13 Aug 2006

I dont actually know the name of my motherboard, all I am able to find out is that it is a Dell Dimension 5100.

I am not 100% sure whether it only has SATA 1 controller...
All I do know is my current hard drive isnt a SATA2.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 13 Aug 2006

SIW click here will tell you all equipment fitted incluing motherboard type we can then look up motherboard spec.

  Totally-braindead 12:27 13 Aug 2006

To be honest with you I'm not 100% sure if the 5100 has SATA2. I looked at the specs for the computer and it didn't mention SATA2 just SATA and therefore I'm fairly certain it will have just SATA.
Therefore your 2 choices would be either get a standard SATA drive or buy an external drive.
I didn't realise myself that some SATA2 drives have the facilty to switch to SATA and some don't.
Regarding you being unsure about the power supply and hence wanting to replace the drive you could then install the other drive in an enclosure and use it for backup purposes. A SATA enclosure is available here click here comes with a power supply so power shouldn't be an issue.

  Ade_1 13:22 13 Aug 2006

Apologies for late reply, my internet has been playing up.

I am told that my motherboard model is - 0J8885 and that its made by Dell, it also states the serial number. There is information about what is on the motherboard but nothing about sata controllers.

Totally-braindead -

Thanks for checking that out for me. I would have to agree with what your saying however there seems a much smaller selection... for SATA hard drives.
Also I think I will look into (once I get a new hard drive) putting my current one in an enclosure for extra backups. I do already have an external hard drive but a second would come in very handy.

  Totally-braindead 14:28 13 Aug 2006

click here this is what I was reading. If you do have a lot of peripherals in your PC and consider the power supply might be a bit overloaded then it might be time to consider a new power supply as well. I agree that it may be a bit low powered as the PCs I have seen from the likes of Dell while being ok and good value do tend to skimp a bit on the power supplies. They come with a PSU which is fine for the system when you get it but if you add a few extras it soon can overload it.

If you do consider a new power supply then I would double check this click here against the normal power supply connections to be safe. Reason I mention this is Dell PCs used to come with non standard connectors in that a couple of the pins were different. This may no longer be the case but its worth checking. If you do get a new power supply get a modular one as you can remove the cables you don't need making it much easier to fit.

Regarding a make of hard drive I personally have had no real problems with any make. My personal favourite is Seagate, not because I believe the drive is any better than any other make but because I like their Seatools software which you can use to check and format Seagate hard drives. Of course the other makes have their own tools as well I just like the Seagate ones best.

  Ade_1 14:36 13 Aug 2006

Thanks very much for your info.

Regarding the PSU issue... I have posted about a new PSU a while back on here however I have been informed that it wouldnt fit as the PSU supplied with my Dell is unfortunately not a normal size.

I will continue my search for a 160GB SATA, something that I have found is quite difficult to come across...

I will leave this topic open just in case anyone comes up with any ideas for hard drives.

Thanks for your help


  Ade_1 16:14 13 Aug 2006

I have come across the following SATA hard drive. click here

If I could have some people to give their opinion on it that would be great thanks :)


  Mr Beeline 16:29 13 Aug 2006

and some, like the latest Hitachi drives are set as SATA1 as standard and you have to run a little program to enable Sata 2.

PS. Nothing wrong with Western Digital drive you mention.

  Ade_1 16:31 13 Aug 2006

I havnt come across many Hitachi drives, unfortunately the ones I have come across have been SATA2.

I shall continue with my search.

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