New Hard Drive

  mymate 10:07 05 Oct 2010

I should get my new hard drive today. I have the XP disc but i cant find the Dell drivers disc. Will it load the drivers i need automatically ?
I cant see it will but i am hoping it will.
Thanks guys

  johndrew 10:12 05 Oct 2010

You may well need drivers for motherboard, graphics card(s) and similar items all of which should have been on the drivers CD. If you identify tour PC you could search online for a download of the CD required, e-mail Dell or ask here for further advice.

  mymate 10:13 05 Oct 2010

Thanks johndrew.

  gengiscant 10:36 05 Oct 2010

Go here to get your drivers click here

  mymate 11:15 05 Oct 2010

Thanks gengiscant. I went there and put in the service tag and downloaded them all to a usb stick. I saved my settings on the Router so hope i get on ok.
I bet i be back as something wont work right.
Thanks every one for the help

  ventanas 11:48 05 Oct 2010

Last time I used an XP disc to format and reinstall it found drivers for everything without having to resort to the specifics.
The only one I changed was the graphics to get the versatility, but all others were fine.

  onthelimit 12:02 05 Oct 2010

For non-Dell machines I've used Drivermax click here. The free download includes a tool whereby existing drivers can be saved to a flash drove or CD.

  siliconsolutions 17:21 05 Oct 2010

Dell website has all the drivers prob best to get before you replace.

htt://click here
[email protected]

  onthelimit 17:27 05 Oct 2010

Spammer - bog off!

  mymate 23:11 05 Oct 2010

Thanks guys. I got all the drivers from Dell.Had a problem with the Ethernet driver but sorted that out.Got Router set up again. Started to download Windows updates and had a power cut from 4.30 till 10pm.Am just downloading Service pack 3.With luck it will download ok.
Thanks again to Vog,Pineman,fruitbat and especially woodchip for helping me on the other thread.

  robin_x 23:31 05 Oct 2010

Sometimes SP3 has problems (hanging on install or others)

If that happens, don't panic. Google or re-post.

I had to use network version (one solution).

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