New Hard Drive

  mike1967 16:56 14 Aug 2007

Think I need a new hard drive as this one keeps crashing and going back to PIO mode, it starts to click before it crashes so I think it might be at fault.

My question is how do I know what type of hard drive I need, I'm sure it is SATA but not sure without opening the box

Before anyone asks I have tried diagnostics but they all pass, but I am open to ideas


  brundle 17:10 14 Aug 2007
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 14 Aug 2007

go to device manager click on the drive and post the name and number here so w can find details of the drive type

  mike1967 13:48 27 Aug 2007

Still getting same problems when its in DMA mode works for a while then crashes and goes back to PIO

The drive in question is a Maxtor 7Y250M0

Tried the Seagate diagnostic tool its tells me its 25% anyone know what the means

Anyway hope you can help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 27 Aug 2007

yes its a SATA drive click here

Check in the BIOS that all drives and controllers are enabled and not just set to auto.

Updating the SATA / IDE drivers for the chipset may also help.

  mike1967 14:16 27 Aug 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat should have been able to do that myself, I hang my head in shame

Any ideas on what the Seagate utility is showing me?

  woodchip 14:19 27 Aug 2007

Check the drive with this. Download it to computer the click on it with a clean floppy in drive then after it create the disc start comp with it click here
Download DOS version

  mike1967 14:32 27 Aug 2007

Thanks woodchip used that already my drive passes all tests

  mike1967 14:38 27 Aug 2007

Sorry just read what you put you said download the DOS version I will when i find a floppy disc

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