New Hard Drive

  Ade_1 11:02 24 Oct 2005

When buying another hard drive as a slave hard drive what do i need to look for? does it have to be the same make? My current one i think is a SATA judging from what Everest tells me
Interface - SATA, and it is a Maxtor 6L080M0. Any info on what i need to look at when buyign a hard drive as a slave one would be helpfull thanks :)

  Giggle n' Bits 11:07 24 Oct 2005

I would get another 80GB SATA, maxtor or Seagate, it does not have to be the same Make but you will find adding another SATA easier to configure into the system.

You may have to get a new SATA DATA Cable which supports 2 Drives, check the cable inside first also a SATA Power Cable will be needed again check to see if there is a free SATA connection inside PC.

  Ade_1 11:08 24 Oct 2005

Thanks for the info :)

  Ade_1 11:12 24 Oct 2005

i am assuming it doesnt matter about the size of the hard drive that i buy?(in moderation)

  Ade_1 11:13 24 Oct 2005

when i say size i mean GB of it.

  Doire_Bhoy 11:15 24 Oct 2005

Depends on the age of your BIOS Ade_1

  Ade_1 11:21 24 Oct 2005

i have had the computer for 3 weeks ;)

  Doire_Bhoy 11:24 24 Oct 2005

Is it brand new? Your ok then mate.

  Ade_1 11:26 24 Oct 2005

1 last question - is there anyway apart from looking in the conmputer of seeing if there is space for another hard drive (i just assunmed there would be space)

  Doire_Bhoy 11:28 24 Oct 2005

You need to look inside the PC. Remember though to keep a reasonable distance between the 2 drives as having them too close will up the temperature inside your pc.

  Ade_1 11:29 24 Oct 2005

ok, thanks again :)

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