New Hard Drive

  Alex-188000 15:10 14 Dec 2004

My friend got a new hard drive for his old, very old pc. he currently has a 8 GB hard drive which was formatted using windows 98 boot disk. His new Western Digital 40GB hard drive woundt format. We set it as primary master and the IDE cable si brand new. Bios wont recognise it either. I was thinking that one of the chips could of blown due to a build up of static. Has anyone got any other ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 14 Dec 2004

He will probably need a BIOS flash to be able to use the 40G HDD.

Put the old disk back in and see if BIOS finds it, It probably will so no blown chips, older PCs with old BIOS cannot see larger Harddrives my old 97 PC will not take above 20G an an o;d pentium from same time will not see above 8G. the tools below may get you round the problem. they are free so nothing to lose.

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast3 click here

  Diemmess 16:51 14 Dec 2004

Old Boxes, Win98SE and new 40Gb HD, didn't work for me either when I fitted a Maxtor of that size.

I downloaded from the maufacturer's site (WD do the same I believe,) a program which fitted on a floppy, allowed me to boot, and following the prompts partiton and format in seconds.

On that computer, it too failed to recognise this size of HD unless I used the CSL jumper setting and left it to the computer to deal with it in the BIOS as 'Auto'

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