new hard drive

  ski2004 19:52 14 Jun 2004

When you buy a new hard drive how do you get it formatted so that your computer recognizes it??? thanks for your help.

  bremner 19:54 14 Jun 2004

You do not say what O/S you have or whether it is the only drive or an additional drive.

If it is a second drive on an XP system then You need to go to right click on My Computer and choose 'Manage' then Disk management.

You will see the drive in the list. Right click on the left hand box and choose 'initialize'. When this is done right click on the right hand side and choose 'New partition'. When you have done this right click again and choose 'Format'

If it is otherwise you will need to tell us what the set up is.

  JayDay 19:56 14 Jun 2004

If you connect it a a second drive just install it making sure nit is recognized in the BIOS. Start Windows and go to My Computer. Right click on your new drive and select format. Easy as that. If it's going to be your main drive let us know and you'll get further details.

  JayDay 19:57 14 Jun 2004

Sorry Ski2004, bremner's right. Forgeot the partioning bit. Cheers bremner

  Fruit Bat 19:58 14 Jun 2004

click here

read this thread the links from VoG take you through the whole process of fitting a new drive Formatting and reinstalling windows.


  ski2004 20:05 14 Jun 2004

i`ve found it on the list it says unallocated in the right hand box, when i right click on the left hand box it says new volume, convert to basic disk, properties and help...... what do i need to do for it to be in the list on my computer????? Thank you for your help.

  Dorsai 20:11 14 Jun 2004

Just posting so can track...

  bremner 20:12 14 Jun 2004

Does it not say initialize?

  ski2004 20:16 14 Jun 2004

no it dont say initialize, this computers gonna be the death of me!!!! you help is appreciated

  bremner 20:20 14 Jun 2004

I assume you are in XP.

In that case right click on the right hand side and choose 'New Partition' and follow the clicks through accepting the whole drive size and NTFS.

When this is done you can then right click again and choose 'Format'

  ski2004 20:25 14 Jun 2004

just waiting for it to format now, i`ll let you know how i get on cheers again.

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