New Hard Drive

  Dav3 16:37 09 Jun 2004

hi, new to this place :)
this is my situation. i have a P4 1.8Ghz pc, windows Me ( Boooo!!) , 512 RAM, 80Gb Hard drive space. at the moment, i hav only got 19Gb left, and the pc runs very slowly so i am looking into buying a new hard drive. i will also be updating the operating system to XP probably becuase Me doesnt run well at all. i wanted to know what hard drive is recommended, external or internal ( which is better?), brand name and price. i think i might buy either a 120Gb drive or 160Gb drive, so that i dont need to change the system in the not too distant future. any help would be great. thnx

  ventanas 16:58 09 Jun 2004

I had a similar setup to you a a while back. but with only a 40gb drive. I bought a new 120gb Seagate barracuda and installed it as the master, then replaced the old drive as a slave.

Me was dumped and XP installed. No problems at all. The new drive was set up and formated in seconds using the utility from the Seagate site.

If you plan to do something similar with the old drive, wait until you have XP on the new one. You can then install it, and partition and format it from within Windows. Very easy.

  Dav3 17:51 09 Jun 2004

yeh, what im planning to do is backup some of the files i want on my current pc, such as music files, a few games, software, documents, and then completely format the hard disk. then, i will install XP on it, and then also get another hard drive, as already mentioned, and run it with the 80gb drive also on the system. this is why i was thinking maybe an external drive, where i can keep music, video, and have the new one to have software so it runs more smoothly. btw, how much did that drive cost u, any bad points?, cheers for quick reply btw

  ventanas 10:41 10 Jun 2004

Seagate Barracuda 120gb was about £60.00, but I have a business account with PC World and things come a bit cheaper there.

It will probably retail for about £75.00. I have no complaints at all.

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