New Hard disk issues

  Lord_Anubis 00:00 26 May 2003

Upon running chkdsk i keep getting 'first allocation unit is not valid' messages then i always convert the lost chains. I then start chkdsk again and it returns the same result as if nothing was fixed. I've also run scandisk at start up several times to no avail. what worries me is that this is a new HD, my old one crashed completely, and this new drive is making screetching sounds, these arn't as pronounced as in my last HD before it crashed but i forget what a normal laptop HD sounds like.

If anyone knows if this is a problem, or whether i'm overreacting and chkdsk is just useless please tell me.

  BarryKeith 00:13 26 May 2003

Screeching sounds is a good reason to return the drive as there could be a major fault with it.

  Lord_Anubis 00:25 26 May 2003

...Well it has been a while since i've had a truly healthy HD and i'm ashamed to say i've forgoten how it should sound for this make and model of laptop HD. Its not really a screetching sound per se, more clicks (which i'm sure is normal for that make and model but its the volume i don't know about)

But what do ya think about the recuring disk errors i'm getting in chkdsk?

  eccomputers 00:34 26 May 2003

if continual clicks are heard when trying to access a particular sector, its duff.
A nice crackling sound is music to the ears with a fast hard drive. Some makes actually slow their drives down to make them quieter and you can download software from their sites to speed them up again, but more noise.

  DieSse 08:54 26 May 2003

If this is NOT winXP - then you have to run

checkdsk /F

in order for the command to actually fix anything - otherwise it just goes through the motions without fixing.

  DieSse 08:55 26 May 2003

sorry - of course that's

chkdsk /f

  Lord_Anubis 11:26 26 May 2003

Yeah, but i have windows XP, the equivalent of chkdsk /f is in that case scan disk run at start up which again i have run several times.

Is chkdsk inaccurate in comparison, could it be reading probs with the file system that just arn't there?

  DieSse 23:35 26 May 2003

"could it be reading probs with the file system that just arn't there"

I don't think this is likely. I can only suggest as a further test you get the proper diagnostic program from the HDD manuafcturers site.

It does sound like you have a problem with the drive.

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