New Hard disc probs

  The Paul 18:48 05 Jan 2005

Im trying to get a new hard disc installed on an old Pent2 system. The original disc has been removed by the old owner and I've installed a Seagate 10GB disc. The BIOS wont recognise the disc. The Seagate was formatted prior to me getting it and is clear of any info including OS.

If I take out a HD from an old machine which has Win98SE on it, the P2 system boots up okay and runs sweet. As soon as I try the replacement Seagate again - nothing.

What I wanted to know is could I use my own bigger machine to install Win98SE onto the Seagate (by setting the Seagate as Pirmary Slave or something) and then put the Seagate back into the P2 machine. My thinking is that it will be recognised in the BIOS and run. I have set the Seagate as the Master, jumper is correct, ribbon is fine and all else seems to be perfect.

If this would work, could one of you guys guide me through this. Cheers - Paul

  Ballie 21:22 05 Jan 2005

It might be worth trying to remove the jumper (completely) and then seeing if the motherboard will find it. I had the same problem on an old P3-500 machine and this worked for me. You could also get a bios up date flashed to the mother board which might help it recognise the drive (if thats the problem) but as you probably know this can be dangerous.

  The Paul 07:45 06 Jan 2005

Cheers for this - I did this in my machine and it found it okay and selected it as Secondary Master. It then wanted to take me through the boot disc scenario and install an OS. I didnt as I was worried about where it would install the OS. I dont want my main PC (which has XP Pro on board) messed up.

How can I install an OS on the Seagate disc while it is temporarily onboard my system so that I can then put it back into the old Pentium2 machine.

  The Paul 08:39 06 Jan 2005

I'm being a pest I know but this problem has been driving me nuts for weeks. The only reason I'm doing this for this person is that its for her son aged 10 who has learning difficulties and they cannot afford a brand new system.

What I dont understand is that I have taken a HD from my daughters PC (older than P2 and 4GBs which is installed with Win98SE) and the P2 system boots up straight away no problems. So its capable of doing it. But when I put in the 10GB Seagate disc which was in another machine yesterday and working fine (and reformatted before given to me) it is not detected by the P2 system. This says that it must be something to do with the disc and this is why I'm trying to set up Win98 on the Seagate using my own machine so that after installation I can put it into the P2 PC in the belief that it'll work.

Am I on the wrong lines.

  jack 09:48 06 Jan 2005

These things can get a bit muddied cant they?
Lets go through this scenario one by one.
The Machine that needs they disc. Are you sure this machine functions with a known good disk?

The disk you are trying to introduce.
It works well elsewhere?

If the answer to the above two questions is yes
Then only thing left is the Data cable - change it
or a pin mismatch [bent]

  The Paul 10:16 06 Jan 2005

The machine (the Pentium2) works with a HD taken from my daughters older type system (I think its an original Pentium processor). My daughters disc has Win98SE as the OS and it boots up fine in the P2 machine. Okay - it looks for drivers for this and that but that shows that the system is fine and working.

The HD which I have obtained for the P2 system is a Seagate 10GB disc. It was working in an old machine yesterday and was removed and reformatted before being given to me.

If it was reformatted in NTFS format how can I access the drive to reformat in FAT32? Could this be the problem.

I've used 3 different ribbons - 2 of them brand new and no difference there.

I tried to set the Seagate up on my system here so that I could install the OS and then drop the Seagate into the P2 machine. When I tried to do this I was taken into the boot disc system and was worried that by trying to install Win98 I might harm my PC and its set up in some way. Any thoughts on this.

Cheers - Paul

  seedie 10:54 06 Jan 2005

NTFS is the problem. make startup disk from another machine and format the 10gig Seagate as FAT32.

Good luck


  The Paul 11:12 06 Jan 2005

Okay - so to make a start up disk to do this what do I do. Is this a normal boot disc?

As the Pent2 machine isnt reading the Seagate disk - how and where do I do the reformatting in FAT32 mode.

Sorry to be thick - but I'm making certain I get this right - if you know what I mean.

  bazb 11:22 06 Jan 2005

Hi The paul

why don't you download click here the Seagate DiscWizard, and allow it copy from your daugters hard drve to your Seagate drive then put it back into your PC.

  The Paul 11:32 06 Jan 2005

You wee star - I'm downloading for God and country right now. Thanks for this - I'll keep trying everything else and let you know how I get on.

  The Paul 15:13 06 Jan 2005

The link from bazb was actually just what I needed. The bootable disks worked fine and installed Win98 no probs.

Cheers all - Paul

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