new graphics installation

  Eddd 20:30 19 Dec 2009

I have just added a new 1gb graphics card (radeon 5750 pci-e).
When I first installed it I found I needed a molex to pci-e adapter to power the card, which I bought. Once everything was working I noticed that upon starting my system, my dvd-rw drive would flash (the little green light at the front) and I could hear an audible rhythmic clicking, after about 10 or so clicks the computer boots up and runs normally. I have now changed my psu from a 400w to a 650w psu that had all the connectors in place, but I still get the delay and clicking before start up. I have disabled the dvd drives from the boot menu in the bios as I thought it may be trying to boot from cd. I am just wondering what I may be missing.
I am running windows 7 with everything up to date including the latest graphics drivers.
I have 2 sata drives and 2 ide dvd drives (1 dvd rom and 1 dvd-rw) plus a exhaust fan on the case and 1 usb2 pci 4 port card and 3 gb ram.
I was told that a 650 watt psu would be more than adequate for this

  User-312386 20:41 19 Dec 2009

I was wondering if you may have moved a wire and its "clipping a fan" on start up and then the air pressure is pushing the wire away

  Eddd 08:51 20 Dec 2009

No, nothing is clipping the fan.
Both dvd drives flash at the front as though trying to read a disc, but this has only started since putting in the new graphics card. I just wonder why it's stuttering before booting up there are no bleeps to indicate a problem with hardware.

  User-312386 20:20 20 Dec 2009

Did you buy a generic power supply or a branded one?

  Eddd 18:14 21 Dec 2009

I bought it from and it's made by CIT.
although the clicking prior to booting was there with the old psu, but only after adding the 1gb ati 5750. As I have said it's almost like a search is happening but this is all prior to the boot up screens. I get nothing at all except the clicking and lights flashing on both dvd drives, then it just beeps and starts to boot.

  User-312386 18:16 21 Dec 2009

Do us a favour, remove the new card, put the old card in and restart and hit the delete key, so it just goes into the BIOS and therefore no need to uninstall drivers and see if you get the clicking noise! If you dont then you know its the new card, maybe a faulty fan!

  Eddd 18:49 21 Dec 2009

Can't try another card because have already sold and posted my old one. The clicking is definately coming from my dvd drives but this is before I even get a screen giving me the option of going into the bios anyway. The fans on all the components (cpu, graphics card and exhaust fan) work straight from pressing the power button (I took the side panel off and checked nothing was jamming, so I could see them all start up on pressing the power.)
Have tried reseating the graphics card but made no difference.

  Eddd 19:56 21 Dec 2009

Have just tried booting up with everything disconnected.i.e. all external connections unplugged (no monitor, no network, no usb or keyboard. Same thing happened, few clicks then started the boot process.
Now all reconnected, so I think I will just have to live with this, at least at the end of the day I have a working system even if it takes a few moments to start the boot process.

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