new graphics card..install

  iqs 16:31 29 Jan 2007

Hi ,A friend has the following intergrated graphics card/mother board installed ,ATI RADEON 9100 IGP.
He would like to install a new card,but what is the correct installation procedure please.
Currently the card is using 64 mb of system memory.He is aware it is not as simple as removing a seperate graphics card.Any simple clear advice please : ) .Thank you,Greg via IQS

  Gongoozler 16:43 29 Jan 2007

Hi Greg. It's not much more difficult than that. The motherboard BIOS probably has an option to disable the on board graphics. If saving memory is the only reason for the change, it's probably a lot cheaper just to add more memory.

  keef66 16:48 29 Jan 2007

It could be as simple as that; many motherboards detect the presence of a graphics card and auto-disable the onboard graphics.

First things first though; why does he want to upgrade from onboard graphics? If it is to play recent games, let us know the specifications of the rest of the pc.
First determine if the motherboard will take a graphics card, if so, is the available slot AGP or PCI-express?
Choose a suitable card, at the same time make sure that the pc's power supply is adequate to run it.

Once you have the card, unplug the pc from the power supply and remove the side panel. Insert the card into the graphics slot. Connect any additional internal power cable required by the card, and replace the side panel. Now at the back of the pc take the monitor cable out of the onboard graphics connector and insert it into connector on the new card.
Plug the pc back in and power it up, and when windows detects the new hardware, insert the driver disc which comes with the card. You may have to restart the pc after this.

In the event you have to disable the onboard graphics manually this is usually done in the bios. Hit DEL repeatedly as the pc starts up, and you should end up in the setup menu.

  iqs 19:23 29 Jan 2007

Hello Gongoozler and Keef66...Thank you both for your help.

The reason for the new card,to install Vista.

He ran a microsoft tool which stated the graphics card was not compatible.Vista requires 128mb cards,his only has 64mb.

He is not really worried about the lost 64mb,just the best way to install the new card.

The Pc has a AGP slot.Can you suggest a card for about £60-£100 which will do the job,one which is very easy to install ;) .He has a e-machines Pc, model 5210.

Thank you again.Cheers : )

  keef66 20:07 29 Jan 2007

Nvidia based cards: if gaming is required a 7600gs would fit the budget, if not a 6200 would be a significantly cheaper option.

ATI based cards: gaming X1600pro, non gaming X1300.

In each case, be very careful to choose an AGP card rather than PCI-express which is now more common.

  iqs 19:29 30 Jan 2007

Hello and thank you.I will pass on your comments,and hopefully he will be able to purchase the correct card for his needs.Once again thanks.Regards,Mike

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