New Graphics Card won't fire up

  tigertop2 17:20 06 Feb 2008

I have just replaced my trusty old Nvidia 7600GT for a brand new Inno 8800GT. But I can't get it working.
My screen is blank. I replace 7600GT and all is OK again.

The fan is running on the 8800GT and I have checked all the usual connections, card seating etc again and again. I am just wondering if one has to delete the 7600GT drivers before fitting the 8800? The 8800 instructions do not say to do this and I don't remember doing it when I replaced a 7300 GS for the 7600GT.

Any suggestions or do I just have a duff 8800 card?

  project 90 17:26 06 Feb 2008

make sure you got ur monitor plugged in to right dvi slot in back of card

as for drivers i just stuck my card in deleted drivers from old card then installed new drivers

what size is your psu aswell might not have juice to run it although the 8800gt's are meant to b quite good for power

if it is duff send it back and get a bfg or evga card better warranty and better built

  tigertop2 17:54 06 Feb 2008

Hi project 90

PSU is 650 W. The monitor is in the right dvi slot. I have tried both as well

Unfortunately if the screen does not fire up you can't get on with deleting old drivers but maybe someone will suggest I do that with the old 7600 GT since that runs the monitor OK? I think it might be a duff card which is a real pain. Could possibly try it in a PC shop rig somewhere before it goes back. I am still open to suggestions though.

  rickd 17:56 06 Feb 2008

I'd download/install the latest Nvidia driver (probably 169.21) while the 7600 is still in then see if the 7600 runs, then put in the 8800 and see what it does - I think the new driver will do both 7 & 8 series OK, but its possible your old driver won't do the 8800.
PS download and save the driver before installing it in case you need it again later (i.e if you have to roll back to what you have).

  citadel 19:57 06 Feb 2008

delete driver and use driver cleaner to get rid of remnents. I always use the driver on the cd that comes with the card and update it later when I know the card is working ok. check for bios updates that solve compatability problems.

  tigertop2 20:05 06 Feb 2008

Thanks for that. I will try your ideas tomorrow --

Just a thought --having fitted a new AMD Athlon x 2 '5000' BE before I tried fitting the new graphics card I wonder if that is a factor--yet the 7600 GT works fine so Bios should not be a problem.

Am off for a stiff gin now and a rub down with the Sporting Life,

Thanks all

  woodchip 20:06 06 Feb 2008

Some Graphics need the Extra Four pin plug that connects to the Motherboard and will not work without it. Also will it start in safe mode by tapping F8 at start?

  tigertop2 09:51 07 Feb 2008

Woodchip, thanks

I assume you are referring to the 20+4 Mobo connection.. Yes that is in place as the 7600GT requires it too. I could try safe mode but the monitor is showing 'No Video signal'. I 'think' the problem lies with the drivers. First step is to uninstall the 7600 GT drivers then try the 8800 again
If all fails I might try it in another rig if I can find a local dealer who can do this. Looks like being a long day!

  keef66 10:46 07 Feb 2008

NO, not just the 20+4, there's another 4 pin power lead required on some mobo's, often near the cpu socket.

Start again. Older mobos; 20 pin power connector plus a second 4 pin near the cpu.

Newer mobos; 24 pin power connector plus a second 4 pin near the cpu.

With a newer psu you get a 24 pin power connector, but you can often detach the end 4 pins (and tie them out of the way)to use it on an older board.

With an older psu you have the 20 pin power connector, but you can sometimes get away with that on a new board with the 24 pin socket

  woodchip 11:37 07 Feb 2008

As above the on on the board is for extra power for graphics card, the on on the 20 pin is for CPU

  citadel 15:26 07 Feb 2008

put 8800gt incompatabilty problem into google and you will see you are nt alone.

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