New Graphics Card - Strange Problem

  Wharker 13:54 17 Aug 2010

Hi all,

I've purchased a PCI (not express or AGP, as my computer is built from server components so lacks those ports) Sapphire Radeon 9200SE, and have put it into my computer.

However, upon boot, all that is visible are banded vertical lines of different colour, right from the POST... I never get any correct display out of it. But, when you would expect the Windows logo to fade in as it boots, a new set of vertical stripes fade in, suggesting the card is functional at least to some degree.

Also, when windows has finished booting, I can move the mouse and see a small square of stripes move around the screen like the cursor should, but I can still see nothing except these non-sensical multicoloured stripes.

As even the POST fails to be displayed, I presume it isn't a driver error. I have tried disabling the onboard graphics, and taking out every other PCI card, but to no avail.

Have you any idea what could be causing this?

Many thanks, William

  johndrew 14:04 17 Aug 2010

Does the PC function correctly with the graphics card removed and all other original cards fitted? If so five possibilities come to mind:

Is the card seated properly?

Is the card faulty/overheating? Check the fan is running.

Have you got corrupt drivers? Uninstall/reinstall to see if it corrects the problem.

Is there a software conflict? Old drivers?

Is there a memory problem with the PC attempting to access card RAM or VV?

  Wharker 14:27 17 Aug 2010

It does! I'm using it now with onboard graphics, so all is not lost.

It's definitely seated properly - it's been in and out about 5 times today. It's passively cooled only and won't work even from cold, so I don't think it's overheating. And given that even the bios won't display correctly, surely it can't be anything to do with drivers? I would install the ATI drivers if I could get into windows.

I'm not sure about memory problem... I bought the card as "tested and fully functional", and this system doesn't have a great track record for accepting new hardware. I've never seen a problem like this though.

Thanks for your suggestions :).

  Audio~~Chip 15:27 17 Aug 2010

Is it possible to try a different monitor cable just in case there is a slightly partially broken wire in it?

Can you try a different PCI slot ?

also allong the lines of drivers as johndrew with them being ATI (AMD now) go to AMD and navigate for ATI drivers for legacy drivers. Will be trial and error but I think you will get their in the end

  Audio~~Chip 15:28 17 Aug 2010

Also you didn't post what windows you have !

  Wharker 00:13 18 Aug 2010

The same monitor cable is working fine with my onboard graphics at the moment... I've tried all of my PCI buses, and all show the same effect.

I would install drivers if I could! But I have no screen to do it with, not even a POST :(. I could try by remote desktop maybe, but I don't see how it could affect what happens before windows even starts to boot?

I'm running XP SP3 if that helps.

Thank you again!

  gazzaho 05:23 18 Aug 2010

Just a thought, you don't mention switching off the on-board graphics in the BIOS before booting with the new card fitted.

There might be a conflict causing the problem if you haven't deactivated the on-board one. The card should display the POST messages regardless of drivers, unless of course it's faulty.

  Wharker 09:53 18 Aug 2010

There's no option in the bios to disable the onboard graphics, but I've tried moving the VGA jumper on the motherboard to disable it to no avail (It's not true integrated graphics, just an ATI Rage XL PCI card hard soldered onto the motherboard).

It's almost as if it wants to work though... it displays something... very odd!

  johndrew 09:58 18 Aug 2010

Try this.

With the card fitted but your monitor connected to onboard graphics boot the PC. Hopefully you will get a good screen and be able to install drivers. Once you have done this logoff/power off and swap the monitor to the card. Boot and let us know.

  rickf 10:25 18 Aug 2010

I would suggest booting up with onboard graphics w/o the card fitted. Download drivers for card and save to folder.Turn off, fit card then start up the comp and let the comp detect the drivers whioch are already in there.

  keef66 11:36 18 Aug 2010

"It's not true integrated graphics, just an ATI Rage XL PCI card hard soldered onto the motherboard"

I'm wondering if that's the problem? On my AGP board it would auto-detect when the AGP slot was populated and disable the onboard. No such possibility with what you have?

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