New Graphics card req'd - Old one Kaput !

  SteveBut 21:07 20 Jun 2007

I need to buy a new graphics card as my Nvidia 6600GT card went pop yesterday. I use my PC for playing games mostly and have noticed the card struggling lately.
My current system setup is as follows:-
AMD Athalon 64 3500+ CPU
FoxconnPCI Express enabled motherboard(CK804k8MA)
512 MB DDR RAM PC3200 184 Pin
200GB Hard drive
Running Windows XP Pro.

Can anyone give me a recommendation of a good graphics card for games that would be compatible with this setup. I'd like to spend no more than £180 on the new card.
Any other suggestions re setup would also be welcome !

  woodchip 21:16 20 Jun 2007

Check reviews

click here

click here

  wjrt 22:09 20 Jun 2007
  SteveBut 22:13 20 Jun 2007

Thanks for your response, I was thinking of going for a Nvidia based 7950GT chipset. Any views / recommendations on what else I should condsider?

  gudgulf 22:21 20 Jun 2007

As a slight is not just your graphics card which will be an issue with more recent games.

512Mb of RAM is very much on the low side.....1GB is a minimum for games.2GB is even better.

Many modern games need 1GB or more of RAM memory just to run the program.....and then you need to add the RAM used by the system.

If you don't have enough RAM then Windows will use the virtual memory or page file on the hard drive.This causes long pauses whilstr the game loads (or closes back to the desktop) and can cause frequent drops in your game's frame rate as textures are loaded from the hard drive into RAM.

You don't say what games you play.....Knowing that might help us pinpoint a suitable card.

It would also be helpful to know the Wattage rating of your PSU as most modern graphics cards are very power hungry and you might need to include a power supply upgrade in your budget.

  SteveBut 22:33 20 Jun 2007

Cheers, I was going to go for some more RAM as well, but appreciate you reinforcing that idea.
The card died whilst playing Command & Conquer 3, Tiberium Wars.
I was getting warnings about both the page file usage & the power supply, saying the card had reduced its performance as it wasn't getting enough power. I'm afraid I don't know how to get the wattage rating of PSU (is that my motherboard??), the motherboard is a foxconn/ winfast board ref:ck804k8ma

  gudgulf 23:55 20 Jun 2007

To identify the PSU rating you will need to take the side off the pc......there should be a sticker on the side of the power supply (at the top rear of the case) that will state it's power rating.

Has your graphics/pc failed completely or is it just giving you the warnings you mentioned?

  SteveBut 12:04 21 Jun 2007

The PSU rating is 400W, the PC is currently in for repair, but I'm told that for either card I'll need to upgrade the power to 500W minimum. So a new power supply will need to be included in the budget.
I'm considering going for either the Radeon X1950XT (512Mb) or the Nvidea 7950GT (512Mb)cards - any views ?

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