New Graphics Card Recommendations..

  lee_robinson1983 10:43 26 Oct 2007


My current graphics card, Geforce 7800GTX, has gone kerput and I now need a new one. My experience is pulling me away from a 7800GTX so does anyone have any suggestions?

My setup: 450W PSU, Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MB, 2 x 1 Gb Ram, 320Gb Hard Drive.

Obviously I'd like to spend as little as possible but could go up to £100-£150ish


  lee_robinson1983 11:20 26 Oct 2007

I was looking at these two... anyone have any opinions? I'll be looking to run top end games, Bioshock etc.

click here


click here

  keef66 11:32 26 Oct 2007

If you want to run Bioshock at decent resolutions / framerates you'd be better off with the 320mb version of an 8800gts if you could stretch to £200.

If £150 is definitely your max budget, the 8600's are still reasonable. Shop around though; look at Ebuyer, Dabs, Scan, Novatech at the very least

  lee_robinson1983 11:50 26 Oct 2007

Is my set up ok to take a 8800gts? Also does anyone think I should upgrade the PSU?

  RobCharles1981 11:56 26 Oct 2007

Whats your current CPU and Ram Speed? You might need a bigger PSU to run those cards.

  lee_robinson1983 12:01 26 Oct 2007

Athlon 4800 X 2 CPU
Ram Speed, not sure, think it is DDR 2 x 1 Gb

  RobCharles1981 12:06 26 Oct 2007

Your cpu should be ok to run the Gts range of cards, your Ram might be a bottleneck, you may need a new psu the Coolermaster are the best range of psu's.

click here

  lee_robinson1983 12:10 26 Oct 2007

The reason for getting a new graphics card is because of blotchy pixilation problems. A friend looked at it for me and as this pixilation happens on the booting up of the pc, thinks it's a graphics card problem. I always wondered if the PSU was powerful enough, could it be related?

  keef66 12:30 26 Oct 2007

does it only happen when booting up, or is it a problem all the time? If so, is it worse in games than 2D applications?

  lee_robinson1983 13:14 26 Oct 2007

It happens all the time and yes worse in games and also when browsing the web

  keef66 13:22 26 Oct 2007

I wonder have you tried removing and reseating the card in it's slot? Also worth checking if the secondary power lead is properly attached to the card. Is the cooling fan working properly (can you monitor the gpu temp?) and is the monitor lead snugly attached?

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