New Graphics Card (PSU)

  KERRO01 15:12 25 Jan 2011

Heya guys.

Well the thing is im looking to get a new GPU for my pc and im not to sure in if the one i want will be ok with my PSU. I have have used the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator and it says the min PSU wattage is 220W and the recommended is 270W after the test. So that means i can get this card and it will be ok in my system right?

The card i want is a GTS 450 and my PSU is a 450W.

thanks alot in advance and i hope someone here can help me out :D

  GaT7 15:23 25 Jan 2011

I notice your chosen GPU needs one 6pin PCI-E connector. Does your PSU have this? If not tell us the name & model number of your PSU - if it's a quality one, you should get away with it by using a twin-molex to 6pin PCI-E converter cable (will post links if required).

Btw, did you check if the GPU fits in your case? G

  gengiscant 15:23 25 Jan 2011

Minimum PSU 400w click here

  KERRO01 15:32 25 Jan 2011

ok my PSU Model is ATX - 450c and my case could fit from back to front 10" max. Hope this helps you guys :)

  gengiscant 15:36 25 Jan 2011

By the sound of it,its just a run of the mill PSU.
As'crossbow7'asked has your PSU got a 6pin PCI connector/
If not you will need something like this click here

  KERRO01 15:41 25 Jan 2011

ye gengiscant your right mate it is just a standard PSU by the looks of it and it has no connectors on it no sorry.

so that means i could run this card fine with that connector?

  GaT7 15:42 25 Jan 2011

10" should be just enough.

But you'll need to tell us some more about the PSU. What are the +12V ratings (will be mentioned on the label), & I guess it doesn't have the required 6pin PCI-E connector?

If no PCI-E connector, you'll need 2x molex (click here) PSU connectors free in order to use the cable converter I mentioned before - click here to see what it looks like.

You could also use a single-molex to to 6pin PCI-E converter cable like click here, but is not recommended for your very possibly 'generic' PSU. G

  GaT7 15:49 25 Jan 2011

click here will probably be cheapest delivered at £2.79.

Also check on eBay, but you'll want to avoid the very similar 6pin motherboard converter cable like click here - reading the user reviews it clearly doesn't have a PCI-E connector on the other end. G

  KERRO01 15:50 25 Jan 2011

my 12v raiting is 22A. I am also looking at the GTS 250 pretty much the same card without DX11 and somewhat cheaper than the GTS 450 and by the lloks of it needs less power to run?

  KERRO01 15:53 25 Jan 2011

here is a nice card i have found and seems like it comes with connectors too :)

click here

  GaT7 16:08 25 Jan 2011

22A should be OK I think, but you'll need the twin-molex-PCIE converter. And 2x molex connectors free.

Go for the GTS 450 as it's based on newer technology & supports DX11 as you know.

The 'Dual 6-pin to 8-pin PCI Express Power Cable' mentioned there for the Zotac GTS 250 is assuming you already have TWO 6pin PCI-E connectors to begin with. But unfortunately you don't even have one! G

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