New graphics card - power supply worries!

  Dell ruined me. 20:28 22 May 2006

hello, i am going to upgrade my graphics card from a 'passive cooled' ati radeon x600, to a Gainward BLISS GeForce 6800 GS (512mb) the only problem is, some websites say it requires a 350 watt psu, others say 400 watt, and i only hav 305watt. will it still run ok on my psu? i dont really want to hav to replace my psu, because i will void my warranty :( please help! thanks

  howard63 21:24 22 May 2006

it may run it may not it depends on how much other power using stuff is in your pc. Nowadays a 450W or better psu is worth having.

  Dell ruined me. 22:07 22 May 2006

at the moment, in my pc i hav:
-p4 3.2ghz HT
-1gb ram
-2 160gb hdds
-tv tuner
-sound card
-ati radeon x600

so guess that might be too much with a new graphics card too? how easy is it to fit a new psu, do they all fit in all pcs? sorry, i am abit of a novice at this. thanks

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