New Graphics Card needed - You have 3 hours!

  User-312386 21:02 08 May 2009

Hi all

I am going down to Novatech click here tomorrow. I want to get a new PCI-Express Graphics card and i have £75 to spend. System specs below

AMD Socket 939 64 x 2 4200+ 4GB Ram Windows Vista 32 bit

Graphics card at the moment is an Nvidia 7900GT which is getting a little long in the tooth

Thanks in advance

  nufc2009 21:54 08 May 2009

you should specify what you intend to use it for, vista aero, HD gaming, high resolution gaming, how much VRam the card should have etc etc..

  citadel 21:55 08 May 2009

9800gt £80 or there is a xfx 4850 for £90 that is great, anything less of a card and you wont see much improvement on what you have.

  [email protected] 21:56 08 May 2009

i doubt you'll get a better vard for £75, 7900 gt
7= the series 9= position in range (ie the highest)le, ls, gs, gt, gts, gtx.
so a 9800gtx but be the next step maybe, and nova don't have any.
or ati 4850 woould be an improvement click here
you have what was a top spec card not really that long ago, shame things move so fast.

  [email protected] 21:57 08 May 2009

*we're like buses*:)

  OTT_Buzzard 22:09 08 May 2009

click here

the VRam isn't overly important if you are not trying to run at massive resolutions at high game play settings (which on a £75 budget you won't be able to anyway). However, it does have a 57GB/s bandwidth 900MHz memory clock (1800MHz effective) and 575MHz core.

Can't think of any other reasonalbe alternatives.

  User-312386 22:09 08 May 2009

So if i spent £20 more than my price then i would get a better bang for my bucks then? I mean if i bought the click here ati 4850 i would see an improvement?

  User-312386 22:11 08 May 2009

Sorry guys my young son who is now 14 wants to start playing better games etc etc.

Also Vista seems a little "sluggush"

  OTT_Buzzard 22:13 08 May 2009

Yes definitely go for the HD4850if you can stretch the nudget. It's a massive performance leap.

Vista may seem a little sluggish, but it gives far better results on synthentic graphics performance than XP

  [email protected] 22:17 08 May 2009

vista is like buying a manufatured pc it works much faster when turn all the preloaded bloat off.

click here
tweeked should be fine, barebones - windows 7

  User-312386 22:20 08 May 2009

Thanks all ill get the 4850 then

Thanks for the good advice as normal


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