New graphics card needed

  carver 20:33 08 Mar 2003

I've been advised by my Son that "I" need a new graphics card. Specs for my P/C are Motherboard,ASUS A7V-E with a 1200 Athlon, its already got 512MB of PC133 Mem, fitted graphics card is a Geforce 2 64MB Pro 400.

The question is, will something like a Geforce 4 TI4800 128 MB 8X AGP fit and will the motherboard accept this card,OR is there a better card at the same sort of price range around £150?

  clayton 21:06 08 Mar 2003

Why do you need a new card are you having problems running games ?

  carver 21:37 08 Mar 2003

With some of these new games IE Unreal 2 he's having to put the game onto a lower setting to avoid the game becoming jerky and unplayable. He moves the mouse and things happen a split second latter, his explanation is the graphics card isn't up to the job, is this a reasonable explanation or even a sound one.

  Antz 21:38 08 Mar 2003

I would love a Geforce 2 64MB Pro 400.

  Antz 21:46 08 Mar 2003

Having read your message again you may get some improvement by using a utility called RivaTuner. It can be downloaded from click here ( be careful if overclocking ).Also you can try the latest nvidia detonator drivers. The most recent is V.43.00 available from the same website.I am also on the look-out for a new card...geforce4 440 with 64Mb DDR Ram looks good to me.Checkout click here for their selection, they are usually very competitve on price.

  clayton 21:58 08 Mar 2003

How about this it will save you abit of money
click here How many games have you loaded on your pc, do you have much hard drive space ?

  howard60 22:54 08 Mar 2003

they do a sis 128MB card for about £27 it works very well.

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 00:24 09 Mar 2003

For you sons system I would recommend getting him a geforce 4 TI card. It will play all the latest games at a reasonable pace. Whether you go for a TI 4200 4400 4600 or 4800 is up to you The ti 4200 is a great card and can be picked up quite cheaply. Steer clear of the Geforce 4 MX's They should have been named Geforce 2.5. Overclocking with utilitys like riva tuner wont help they will just destabalise the system. I wouldnt worry to much whether its 8X or 4X agp its all just a quirk at present and dosent really make much difference to the card at all. Your motherboard although it would happily accept an 8X card will not be able to utilise the 8X agp because I dont think its equipped for it. Personally on that system I would go for a geforce 4 TI 4200 and save the rest for a CPU upgrade. Alternatively I would go for a radeon 8500 LE (look at Crucial's range) click here navigat to the UK page from there I dont have it bookmarked Im afraid.

  AltCtrlDel 01:02 09 Mar 2003

Unreal 2 can be jerky even on v.high spec machines. Much of the problem is with sound especially with EAX enabled.

  carver 13:40 09 Mar 2003

Sorry about not spelling name right.No I don't intend to overclock the the card, I need a stable system to work with, the reason I was asking is because some of these new cards are about 1" or 25cm longer than the card I have at the moment and the bottom of the memory slots are only just above the level of the graphic card, also if the motherboard will not accept 8x AGP there doesn't seem much point in going for one of these.The biggest problem is finding anything out about this motherboard and what it's capable of supporting in terms of CPU's upgrades. I know that the MX cards are not much better than the card I already have, but that didn't stop a couple of shops trying to sell them to me, this is the reason I posted here hoping someone could help.

  carver 20:42 09 Mar 2003

I been to the ASUS web-site and still can't find this mobo I've got installed, is there any one out there(sounds like latest x files)who can help?.

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