New Graphics Card Installed Help!

  geastrum 10:34 29 Oct 2006

I have installed nVidia FX5200 Graphics Card on my Dell 2350 Dimension, Intel 2.4 Pentium, XP, 512 RAM. Plugging the monitor cable into the new card shows the taskbar but none of the desktop icons. If I open a new window I am unable to see it. If I plug the monitor cable into the old monitor port I can see all the desktop icons and the open windows, but no taskbar!! The identify feature in the display panel doesn't seem to work either.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated!



  egapup 10:41 29 Oct 2006

Have you got the latest drivers?? did it have a graphics card or on-board graphics before? if it was on-board then you may have to change the bios setting to agp.

  geastrum 10:49 29 Oct 2006

I have the latest drivers downloaded from nVidia. The original card has been disabled through device manager. I looked at the BIOS but could see no entry for Graphic Cards.

  geastrum 10:50 29 Oct 2006

Soory, the original card was an onboard integrated card from Intel.

  citadel 10:55 29 Oct 2006

i would start again and remove the card then replace it in the slot, when the new hardware found wizard starts use the driver disc that came with the card. you can update the driver when you are satisfied the card is working ok. the onboard graphics should auto disable when the card is inserted into the slot.

  egapup 19:45 29 Oct 2006

I had to choose between on-board graphics or a AGP card on one computer's bios.

  ed-0 20:01 29 Oct 2006

Try this

Boot the machine from the on board graphics. Go to add and remove programmes. Look for intel (r) 845chipset graphics card drivers. Remove them.

Switch off. Add the graphics card. Wait for new hard ware wizard and install the drivers.

  ed-0 20:19 29 Oct 2006

Is the graphics card a PCI ( old type ) or an AGP one. If it's PCI then also try it in a different white slot.

  geastrum 10:25 30 Oct 2006

OK, here's what I did:

Removed the Intel Graphics as suggested.

Switched off.

Added new card in another PCI slot.

Rebooted. (Note: putting monitor cable in new card resulted in no signal so put cable back into original card output).

PC found new Hardware but wanted to install Intel Graphics and not Nvidia. Through device manager enabled nVidia card.

Plugging monitor cable into nVidia card shows only desktop background and mouse. Pressing the taskbar key opens the window......

......which you can only see if you plug the monitor cable back into the original card output.

In display it tells me that nVidia is working fine and is using default monitor. Pressing identify seems to make it want to try and do something but it's not happening. Sometimes it tells me that nVidia is using the Dell monitor; switching the cable back to Nvidia and I get the nVidia control panel on the screen but nothing else. No taskbar, no icons etc.

Am I missing something obvious or is it a case that my PC just won't support this graphics card?

  donki 10:32 30 Oct 2006

I had same problem with my old Dell, Dell computers are made that they dont like to be changed from the oridginal configuration. Ring their support line and see if the card is combatable.

  keef66 14:51 30 Oct 2006

the fact that you still get a display when plugging into the old port suggests to me the onboard graphics haven't been disabled in the bios. have another look in the bios for something like "primary display adapter" and make sure it's not set to onboard

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