New graphics card how do i alter FPS?

  FUNKAM11 13:16 21 Dec 2004

Had some probs stuttering with games on a new Pentuim4 3.0ghz 756ram and so upgraded graphics card to Nvidia Gforce FX 5500 256MB but run 3d benchmark and fps slow,how do I higher them?Please help

  [email protected] 14:17 21 Dec 2004

Scan for spyware / viruses that may be clogging up system resources.

Download the latest driver for the graphics card.

Also ensure that your motherboard has been set to use AGP 8X in the BIOS (if it supports it).

If all of these have been done then there isn't much more you can do without overclocking it (which involves risks) or upgrading to a faster card

  myphrill 15:01 21 Dec 2004

on the taskbar there should be a nvidia logo, clicking that brings up some menus. you can set the card to high quality, quality, middle, performance or high performance. try setting it to performance or high performance.

I have the FX5600 XT 256MB. ith 768MB-RAM with a Pentium 4 - 2GHz, and i can play games like Halo and NFS: Underground very smoothly and fast. Also, spyware slows ur pc down. pressing ctrl alt and delete will bring up the task manager, there you can see what ur pc is doing, how much CPU power is going to each process and how much memory is going to each process. games usually takes 90% of the CPUs processing power so if anything else is taking more than 20%, your gonna have gaming problems buddy.

Hope that helps.

  gudgulf 18:43 21 Dec 2004

click here for a thorough review of the Geforce 5500.

It doesn't give any benchmark results but does run results on a good number of actual games.Basically your card will struggle with most up to date games and I would expect it to benchmark poorly as these tests are specifically designed to challenge even the highest level of graphic card.

I think that if gaming is what you want to do and good frame rates are your aim there is little alternative but to upgrade your graphics card---a
GeForce 6600 would be a good starting here one of these will sort your FPS problem!

  myphrill 23:34 21 Dec 2004

<B>Basically your card will struggle with most up to date games and I would expect it to benchmark poorly as these tests are specifically designed to challenge even the highest level of graphic card.</B>

No i wouldnt say thats entirely true. My card is the FX5600XT as i said and it plays games beautifully. It satisfies me fine and im a real gamer pc user.

I would suggest playing about with all the cards performance settings that i told you about before spendin a fortune on a card you probably wont even need. the FX5000 - 5900 series is still a top class series for those who dont want to spend loads of money on a card just because its the best for the meantime.

  ACOLYTE 23:48 21 Dec 2004

You could try lowering the resolution/refresh rate of the test settings,when u say low u mean like 15/20 fps or lower?
When i ran 3dmark 03 with a 5700le 256mb the lowest fps i got was 18 on the nature test with 1024x786
100 hertz refresh and your cpu is faster than mine by a gigahert,although i have a gig of ram.Make sure you dont have a lot running in the background when the test runs.

  gudgulf 00:03 22 Dec 2004

I am referring to a 5500 NOT your 5600xt .If you read my link you will see that a 5500 is basically not much different to a 5200 and that will not benchmark well----fact.That does not mean you can't play games unless you spend megabucks on a top of the range card but you can't argue with the figures.If you want decent fps levels in todays games you need a decent graphics card and a GFX6600gt is a hell of a card for its here

I'll come clean here, I have an ATI x800xt on a 3GHz p4 based system.I also use a 2.4Ghz P4/ATI 9600pro based pc which can play all current games but at much lower resolution/settings than my main system.

FUNKAM11 states he has experienced stuttering on games and low fps readings in benchmarks.On an otherwise new system which is very well specified for gaming a low end graphics card is the weakest link and I'm afraid you can tweak all you like but there is no escaping that fact.I apologise FUNKAM11 but look for reviews on your card with Google.It is entirely up to you how much you spend or what card you buy. I (and others) can only venture opinions based on reviews and our own experiences/preferences .My opinion is that you should consider doing your new system a big favour by using a graphics card worthy of the rest of your computer.

  dagwoood 00:30 22 Dec 2004

gudulf, sorry to point this out but the link you gave is for the PCI-E version of the 6600GT. I only noticed because the price seemed really cheap for the AGP version.

This is the cheapest I've seen the AGP version for click here it's the fourth item down.

HTH, dagwoood.

P.S.As an aside, if you can afford a bit extra, a card made by Galaxy comes with the GPU and memory running slightly faster than a standard 6600GT.

  dfghjkl 00:51 22 Dec 2004

sorry to agree with the others but your card is not really suited to play todays games,i would not buy anything less than a 9800 pro ati or a fx5900/5950 nvidea,anything lower might play games but they will be on their limit and will give poor benchmark results.the cards i have just mentioned will give about 5000 3d mark2003.
i have a 5700le 128.that only gives me 1700 running at standard 250/400 default settings,but clocked to 450/490 it will give its default settings i can play far cry,the game came with my card.
dont take too much notice of benchmarks unless you are in the market to spend £150 to £400 to get a 10,000 3d score card.if your card plays the games you have got then thats fine but if you have some that it struggles with i would upgrade again,you can always put your old one on ebay.
i have just ordered an msi nx6800,you can get them for less than £200 if you shop is the sensible card to buy at the moment,£100 cheaper than the gt and £200 pounds cheaper than the ultra models and only %15 and %30 lower frame rates hardly noticable and it might clock to gt speeds anyway and is %15 faster than the ati x800 pro at £100 less.sorry to ramble but you might find something of interest here,

  gudgulf 18:18 22 Dec 2004 are right.Even so at the correct price it is well worth it.I have a sneaking suspicion that one of those would be in my own system rather than the bank balance busting x800xt had they been available when my card needed replacing,lol.

  dagwoood 19:07 22 Dec 2004

I'm seriously considering getting a Galaxy 6600GT. As per my previous post, these run slightly faster than the standard version(GPU 525MHz as opposed to 500, memory 1000MHz as opposed to 900).

I haven't come across a bad review for them, the consensus being it's the best "bang for your buck" you can get.

Just got to convince the wife ;0)


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