New graphics card for AGP2x motherboard

  cragulas 14:05 07 Jan 2005

Im running a 433 celeron @66mHz on an elite motherboard that will support AGP2x.
Also I have Windows 98SE.

Would like to upgrade the graphics but want to spend 20-30£.

Would a card such as a Radeon 128 MB 9200SE that supports AGP8x run on my machine?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  ACOLYTE 14:09 07 Jan 2005

I don't think so,but I'm not positive i think the lowest they would go is x4 with the voltage as well,you may be better with a gforce4 mx or similar they run at x2x4.

  cragulas 14:51 07 Jan 2005

Thanks- just ordered the MSI version of that board-seems OK from the spec. Fingers crossed.

  david.h 15:06 07 Jan 2005

nice to know I am not the only one running a old pc. i 'm on a pentium 500

  THE TERMINATOR 15:09 07 Jan 2005

There should be no reason why you cant use that card mate, see click here the specs require you to have windows 98....TT

  ACOLYTE 15:12 07 Jan 2005

The only reason i wasnt sure was if x8 cards actully ran at x2 i thought the lowest they would go is x4, i know on my mobo x2 cards wont work,but that may be mobo specific.

  THE TERMINATOR 15:13 07 Jan 2005

If your celeron is 433Mhz, then you should have no difficulty in running the card....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 15:20 07 Jan 2005

The best thing to do would be to give the mobo type and number. Then it could be verified....TT

  cragulas 12:01 12 Jan 2005

Well got the new card yesterday & installed it last night.
Went in Ok but complicated by the fact that the CD supplied with it would not run because it did not contain the file for that particular card!!!!

So had to go on the MSI website & download the drivers from there then it worked fine.

although the card has cured my screen problems-ghosting lines all over the place it has not really improved the video playback side of things.

The Motherboard is an Elite PC6-BAT+ with a 433 Celeron clocked to 566 with 3 no 128MB memory cards running on a clock of 66Mhz (default for the celeron).

I am on BT broadband via a USB 1.0 connection with Windows 98SE & latest Media player (that will work with SE & codecs etc). My mouse is also USB infra-red.

My old agp card has 32MB ram- the new one has 128MB. All settings on the Motherboard have been optimised for the new card (2x enabled, caches enabled etc) but when I download a stream the playback is very jerky. If I have a short video clip, it plays back jerky whilst downloading, but smooth if the internet connection isnt active. However I cannot do anything else like closing frames etc whilst playing back.

With resource monitor on the CPU is hitting 100% whilst downloading or playing.

I suspect a bottleneck in the USB 1.0 port (which probably means a motherboard upgrade plus XP Upgrade as well.

Is there anything else I can try to free up system resources? I can put in a Pentium 3 Slot 1 in lieu of the celeron- would this help?

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