New graphics card advice

  Darth_chaffinch 17:06 15 Sep 2007

I have a nvidia geforce 6600GT which is starting to struggle with newer games, need advice please on a new card (~£100) based on these specs:

Dell dimension 5150
Pentium 4, 3GHz
windows XP, SP2
1 Gb RAM

  crosstrainer 18:02 15 Sep 2007

What is the wattage of your power supply? The new Nvidia cards such as the 8800GTS and 8800GTX are a good choice, but both require pcie power connectors (on the card itself) Not all power supply units come with these. Also worth checking the wattage as these new cards require a lot of juice, and if your PSU isn't up to it you could have problems. Failing that, you could shop around for a 7900GT card, not top of the range, but would slot right into your present rig.

  Darth_chaffinch 18:11 15 Sep 2007

thanks crosstrainer, how do I find my wattage?

  citadel 18:28 15 Sep 2007

is it agp or a pci expess card.

  Darth_chaffinch 18:32 15 Sep 2007

I have 2 express slots

  Why wont it work 18:34 15 Sep 2007

I think that you will struggle to find a graphics card that is much of an upgrade within the limits of your power supply. It would seem that you power supply is either 275w or 305w (it will say this on the powersupply itself if you open up the pc case), both of which are inadequate for anything much better than you already have.

To upgrade your graphics card you would need a new power supply. (400-500w would be a good bet) Even then I would not recommend buying anything better than say a Geforce 7900GT or Radeon X1900Pro because your processor and ram would probably become a bottleneck then.

  Darth_chaffinch 18:45 15 Sep 2007

Thanks for the advice, what processor and ram size are thought of as 'decent' for current games?

  Why wont it work 19:41 15 Sep 2007

According to the Dell website, your pc takes up to a 3.4ghz Pentium 4 650. That's only 400mhz more than what you have at the moment, so the difference would hardly be noticable.

Core 2 Duos/ Quads/ Extremes are the current kings of gaming on the Intel front (Athlon X2s for AMD) but they are not supported by your system. Pentium Ds and the newer Pentium Dual Core are not too bad, but again are not supported by your system.

On the RAM front, 2gb is rapidly becoming the standard for all new pcs, not just high end systems.

  Darth_chaffinch 20:16 15 Sep 2007

Many thanks for your help!

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