New Graphics Card

  kevvyb 00:09 28 Jul 2008


Really need some help. Need to upgrade an old LCD and am going to go for a 24 inch with native resolution of 1920x1200.

Only problem is my current graphics card (nVida 3d Prophet 3) only supports resolution up to 1600x1200.

So, need a new graphics card that will work on my mobo (Asus A7N8X revision 2) with no problems.

Will happily go for an 'upgrade' to my existing card but am not a gamer. Do do lots of photo editing and related memory intensive tasks.

Could anyone suggest some options as I think this may be a bit of a minefield. I would rather have tried and tested than cutting edge.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

  ashdav 00:54 28 Jul 2008

I'd suggest you get the new monitor first then try it.
The graphics card may show 1600x1200 because that is the limit of your current monitor.
If you want a new graphics card for everyday use I'd suggest a Nvidia 8600GT.

  kevvyb 01:03 28 Jul 2008

Hi Thanks for your reply.

I don't want a new monitor that I cannot use at native resolution. I don't think there is much point so I will definitely want the card to display more than 1600x1200....unless I am missing something.....?

  Ditch999 12:58 28 Jul 2008

You need and AGP 8x card, something like this click here Just be aware you might need a power supply upgrade.

  kevvyb 20:29 28 Jul 2008


Thanks for that. Someone else has suggested that that card might cause a bottleneck with the rest of my system and that it might be just as well to go for a previous generation card if the same ilk.

Would you have any views on that?

My system is:
Asus A7N8X revision 2
Athlon XP 3200 (2.2.MHz in dual channel mode)
2Gb RAM (Crucial)
Power Supply = Will have to take a look inside to identify. Would like advice on this.

  Ditch999 20:53 28 Jul 2008

OK, first things first.
Every PC has a bottleneck, be it the CPU the RAM the HDD, graphics card or whatever.
Putting in a good graphics card will not slow down your PC.
The only question is how much do you want to spend (and dont say as little as possible!)
If you dont want to play games then for £62 a silent 7600GS click here would do or for £35 a 7300GT click here would also suffice.

  kevvyb 20:00 30 Jul 2008

Hi again,

After much deliberation I have gone for the Sapphire ATI Radeon 2600 Pro 512MB DDR2 AGP card.

I am going to install this in advance of receiving the monitor. Just wondering what I need to do with regard to uninstalling my existing nVidia drivers. I have heard tell of a nVidia driver removal tool which implies that they may not uninstall completely? Would you think it likely that there will be any problems in this regard?

Now realised that my power supply is 300 Watt and min specs are 400 Watt for this card. So, could you now recommend me a good power supply unit?

  MarvintheAndroid 20:04 30 Jul 2008

You can probably just uninstall them before shutting down the system, then install the new card, then boot up and run the new driver install CD. On very rare occasions this can cause problems with bits of the old drivers being left behind which is why NVidia provide a removal tool on their website.

In my experience, Radeon drivers are harder to shift than Nvidia ones, but don't let that worry you either.


  MarvintheAndroid 20:05 30 Jul 2008

Power supplies -

Cheap - Ebuyer Value
Good - Antec, Enermax.


  kevvyb 20:09 30 Jul 2008

Should have added that I run two 300GB hard drives, two optical drives in addition to the AGP card. I think that's about it in terms of power drain. There are currently 4 fans in my case. A front case fan, a rear case fan, the PSU fan and the graphics card fan.

  Ditch999 20:21 30 Jul 2008

£50 Antec 550W click here
£60 Corsair 650W click here

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