A new graphics card

  Cyeanne 02:43 02 Jun 2008

I would like to get a new affordable graphics card that will allow me to run the elder scrolls oblivion well, and what ever other games I want. I have the sims 2 games up to seasons also. Here are my specs

Dell Dimension Dime521
Amd athlon 64 processor 3200+ 2.00 ghz
Memory ram 958 mb
system tybe 32 bit operating system
I think this is my graphics card now NVIDIA GFORCE 6150 LE (thats what it says in my device manager.)
and also my sound card is SImatel Hi definition audio CODEC but it doesnt work right and I would like to replace it too, so what would be the best options for me?
I have windows vista home basic. Thanks ^_^

  Totally-braindead 17:45 02 Jun 2008

If its the Dell Dimension E521 desktop you have it has a PCI Express slot so you can put in what you like really as long as the power supply will handle it.

Regarding the sound try reinstalling the sound drivers click here=

  sean-278262 17:57 02 Jun 2008

Right starting from the top.

Are you from the US or canada by the way, as I think this Dell is a US only machine (but have not fully checked it out). Therefore a lot of what I will post wont be of use in terms of places to buy, however everything else on the how to front will be relevant.

What is your budget absolute maximum and also what is your ideal spending?

Your current motherboard has an intergrated graphics card. This means it is built onto the motherboard and this part cannot be replaced itself. You can easily tell this without searching up about the computer by the fact you only see an unusual amount of Ram (958mb) meaning that the system is using 64mb out of a total of 1gb.

However lucky for you this motherboard supports PCI-e the latest port for upgrading to top notch graphics cards and will allow you to upgrade it.

click here
Here is a link to the support manuals for your PC, it would be worth bookmarking these so you can refer to them later.

So you can now browse at the likes of:

click here

click here
or Ebuyer

The process of putting the card into the PC is detailed here.
click here

However just about anything on either of those two stores will beat what you currently have onboard on the PC.

If your budget can stretch a bit more than say £100 you can easily equip this computer with a very good card that will run the games you plan and keep your gaming needs up to date. Of course it will not be brilliant in games such as F.E.A.R. Half Life 2 and Crysis but for the Sims and Oblivion it should cope fine on a budget around £100.

Personally I would not spend more than £140-150 however as doing so would mean that the PC is unbalanced and you are just wasting money. If you plan on spending over that bar then consider the option of saving your money to invest in a more gaming centric PC.

Moving on to your sound card, what do you mean by it doesnt work right? Have you tried the drivers for your PC. Most issues are caused by driver problems. Go to the dell site click here and load up their support page to access the drivers download page and then install the soundcard drivers for your particular model.

If the drivers are not the issue then a replacement card can be purchased at any PC parts retailer or the above 2 linked sites. Just look for any PCI soundcard that takes your fancy (not PCI-e!). Basically all the soundcards to most will sound the same, unless played through a surround sound system or you happened to have a trained ear.

Hope this helps.


  Cyeanne 04:07 03 Jun 2008

Hi ^_^ Thanks, I am in the US, and as for the sound card not working, it says the drivers are updated every time I try but when I play games the sound is choppy and weird and like cuts out and doesnt play the music or game noises the way it should. but it does work if I just listen to music. but I'll try reinstalling them. I would like to spend around $100 or $125. Also, would adding more ram help?

  Cyeanne 04:09 03 Jun 2008

Oh also thanks for the links, this is helpful ^_^

  Cyeanne 04:57 03 Jun 2008

Ok I tried reinstalling the driver for my sound card but its still all choppy when I play games.

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