new graphics card

  adamagain 23:41 15 May 2008

i want to put in a new card instead of the intergrated one thats on now

But after diabling the original card then trying the new on wil it work in windows till i can down load the driver for it or do i need that first

Also if it dosent work how can i then get the original card working if i cant see anything on the screen having disabled that one.


  mrwoowoo 00:16 16 May 2008

Your new card will work in low(basic) resolution until you install your driver for the card.

  keef66 10:05 16 May 2008

Don't go disabling anything; the onboard graphics may well be disabled automatically when it detects the new card. As Mrwoowoo says the new card will run with windows default drivers until you've downloaded the proper ones.

  adamagain 01:27 17 May 2008

I tried the new card before i knew about how to install and posting here

It showed in device manger with the on board card
But i just get no signal on the monitor

So i dont know if its because the new card didnt automaticaly disable the on board one and i have to do that or not
If i diable the on board one and the monitor still gets no signal can i test the card its self to see if its faulty


  ICF 07:11 17 May 2008

Daft question:- You did plug the monitor lead into the new graphics card didn't you?

  chub_tor 08:55 17 May 2008

ICF that's not a daft question, I've done it myself ie. leave the monitor connected to the on board graphics, put in the new graphics card and then forget to change the monitor lead to the new card. Much head scratching and cursing before the light dawns......

  ICF 15:25 17 May 2008

Yep me to :-(

  crosstrainer 15:50 17 May 2008

Disable your onboard graphics in the BIOS, then ensure you have connected tyour monitor cable to the NEW graphics cards connector (move it from the onboard connector) Then install the drivers for your new card.

  adamagain 22:31 18 May 2008

I tried all everyone said but the best i seem to have is the card is showing half the screen in a green block
So is the card faulty


  crosstrainer 06:47 19 May 2008

Possibly could be the case....If you can try it in another PC, do that, else return for exchange / refund.

  adamagain 23:02 19 May 2008

cant seem to get it to work
it shows in device manager with 640 x cant remember,but it still dosent work

tried load pci card in bios also
the only thing i didnt do is disable the on board card in windows as if the card is faulty how will i reinstall if i cant see the screen to put the old card back


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