New Graphics Card.

  BRY47 14:05 20 Dec 2005

H/P PC.- Windows xp, intel celeron 4a 2.600mh,
M/B = MSI MS6577.
Graphics = onboard intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE
intel extreme graphics'
memory = 759 MB DDR SDRAM

l bought a NVIDIA, Model 6200A AGPEX 128mb DDR2 Tv OUT DVI
Please can some kind person guide me through this, or at least direct me to a site that will give me a easy to follow guide.

l have to say this will be my second try at doing this as the first time l caused to many problems, blank screne, then just a little multi coloured square, all l did before was put the new card in with the driver installed, then delated the driver for the onboard card.
NOT the way to go is it?.

  SANTOS7 14:34 20 Dec 2005

click here
click here
these will help,good luck...

  BRY47 14:59 20 Dec 2005

Thanks Santos, on the fist step of the help site l come to a halt on step 1,
l dont have any documenation to read.
And on looking through the MSI Motherbords on there site my Motherboard is not listed.
So it looks like l can go no further untill l can locate it.
l am still trying.

  SANTOS7 15:38 20 Dec 2005

click here
you can download manual from here select mobo follow instructions.........

  DieSse 15:41 20 Dec 2005

It's possible your board is an HP *Special* - I've been through all the boards on the MSI site and can't find it. The nearest is an MS 6580. click here

However, I don't think this will be of vital importance - and you can always read the MS 6580 manual first anyway - it will probably be close.

  PsiFox 15:17 21 Dec 2005

First of all delete/uninstall the onboard drivers.
Then reboot pc into bios(usually F2 or delete key)

Look for a setting to disable the on board graphics.

There may be another to set primary graphics adaptor to AGP
reboot system.

If it asks for a disk to install drivers tehn cancel.
When pc has booted disable any AV programme and run the install programme on the gfx CD that came with the card.
Probably need a further reboot and then done

  BRY47 18:04 21 Dec 2005

Found it
click here&

But no manual.
So RsiFox are your instructions still the same.
Thanks for all your help Guys.

  PsiFox 12:11 22 Dec 2005

Instructions still the same.

Should do the trick

  BRY47 12:02 25 Dec 2005

Got into the Bios, F1, All l can find is,
Under Advanced it says
Plug and play[yes]
Reset ESCD [no]
Onboard Video memory ][8mb]
Primary Video Adapter [PCI]
PS/2 mouse [auto]
Local Bus IDE Adapter [Both]
Not sure what to do now, l dont want to touch anything that l should'nt.

  Slithe 16:02 25 Dec 2005

I've a HP Pavillion and only installed a new 256MB Graphics Card yesterday, have you tried simply just adding in the new card, plugging in the monitor and firing up?

Worked for me, surely a new board and BIOS should pick up a new AGP card and disable the onboard automatically.

Spotted something else, but look at the Primary Video Adapter option, see if you can change it to AGP. However, I don't like touching BIOS either, so don't quote me on this one!

Have a good Xmas

  BRY47 19:17 25 Dec 2005

it a 128 AGP Nvidia l would like to replace it with, l did try to install it before doing as you say but by uninsralling the onboard graphics driver.
it worked for a while but then the screen reduced to a 1 inch square and then cut out it did that every time l rebooted the pc, finally l took the new card out did a roll back to a time when it all worked ok but that caused other problem as well, but it is working ok now.
But l would like to try again.
But not before l feel we have it right.
Thanks to all for your help Guys.

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