New Graphic Card Problem

  ulrich 18:13 10 Nov 2004

Last month I had a new Graphic Card FX5900FT, I installed it ok then on one game noticed squares and a flashing sky, then lines appeared, even though I tried different drivers it made no difference. I returned the card and asked for a replacement which I received today. I uninstalled old graphics card and drivers and put new one in as soon as the pc started I knew I had problems again, with lines running from top to bottom, on instructions found new hardware I tried to instal, I got the message due to error unable to instal. My system WIN XP, 512ram, plenty of hd space, ASUS A7V333 mb.
Has anyone else had such a problem?

  polish 19:11 10 Nov 2004

ive not had this kind of problem but it might be worth checking the size of the power supply from what i,ve read and personal experience recommend 350w min the newer graphics cards need alot of power

  ulrich 19:18 10 Nov 2004

My PSU is 400w.

  polish 19:25 10 Nov 2004

just another guess did you uninstall old card software and drivers thouroughly

  ulrich 19:32 10 Nov 2004

Afraid I did. I must say on old pc I just swopped one for the other, so I thought this time I'll do it properly. The one question that bothers me is have I got the old card back?

  PSF 19:40 10 Nov 2004

Do you have the latest version of Direct X

Have you updated your Via drivers from click here

When you install the card don't use the Windows drivers, install from the CD or the latest detonator drivers from click here

  ulrich 20:10 10 Nov 2004

I [email protected] have the via dvr, but I have now. I would have installed dirx after I installed the card, but I [email protected] do that. I will try again with the new Via dvrs. Thank a lot.

  ulrich 17:23 11 Nov 2004

I did have dir x up to date, and I've installed the via dvrs so I will have another go.

  polish 17:35 11 Nov 2004

have you tried the card in another machine or checked to make sure the card and mb are compatible it might be worth trying the old card in case the mb has developed a fault check to see if there any bios settings you can alter

  PSF 17:52 11 Nov 2004

Does that card have an additional power connector.
If it has is is dedicated direct from the power supply or have you connected it in-line with one of the hard drives.

I have the same motherboard and use a ATI 9800XT, I have used a separate power supply and so it does not interfere with the hard drive power.

My motherboard is Ver.1 and so it does not have AGP 8x only 4x. Have you set your AGP in the BIOS.

  Dorsai 18:27 11 Nov 2004

There are two voltages that AGP cards run at 3.3v and 1.5 volt.

But these are supposed to be backward compatable, so if the card fits in the slot it should work, i think.

Better and fuller explanation click here

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