New graphic card for 500mhz PC?

  barnettgs 15:26 10 Mar 2003

My friend has 500mhz, 256mb ram, win98 and 8mb graphic card. He told me he wanted to play games on it and I told him that he need a more powerful graphic card to be able to play some games. I would say Geforce4 64mb card which would be maximum for his pc to run on? Also his PC doesn't have AGP slot so PCI will do. Thanks

  MartinT-B 15:38 10 Mar 2003


Not all games will work well.

He has enough RAM but I feel uneasy about the processor if he wants to play games such as unreal, simcity 4 morrowind etc.

What Motherboard does he have.

Also you don't say whether it's a pentium or AMD chip.

  barnettgs 15:46 10 Mar 2003

Forgotten about what motherboard it is and I am sure it was AMD.

He doesn't plan to play latest games as he is interested in budget games like sold-out or others. I know 8mb isn't enough for budget games but I guess 64mb should keep him happy for a couple of years!

  MartinT-B 15:56 10 Mar 2003

I have 32mb nVidia geforce 2 MX400 with Athlon 1ghz on this (work) PC.

Can play MOST games.

With AMD he should be able to get a faster processor pretty easily - depends on MoBo - but a 1700/1800 Duron won't break the bank.

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