New Gaming PC Advice WANTED!

  Helvornak 15:09 21 Feb 2007

Can anyone offer me some advice?
I'me buying a new PC in March, budget £1200.
I only have limited knowledge these days regarding what spec will be furture-proof.
Do I need duo-core or quad core?
How much to spend on graphics card? etc

Anyone with ideas your help would be appreciated... even where to buy etc..


  leedaz 15:22 21 Feb 2007

I can recommend PC Specialist, Bought a Core 2 Duo 6600, 2 GB PC6400 DDR2, 400GB HDD, NVIDIA 8800GTS, 2 Optical Drives, 52 card reader etc B4 Xmas for £1100. You'd probably get that with a 19" Monitor for £1200 now.

  keef66 15:25 21 Feb 2007

have a look on the websites of Dell, Alienware, Mesh, Evesham and Novatech, see what they are offering for that kind of money.(sorry, you'll have to Google for them; I'm too lazy to post links)

The future-proof pc doesn't exist. Just buy the best you can afford at the time.

My guess would be for a gaming pc today you'd be looking for an Intel core 2 duo E6600 or higher, 2GB ram, and an 8800 graphics card. And make sure the power supply is sufficientlt large and a decent brand.

ATI's R600 based cards are due to appear in 6 weeks or so.

  keef66 15:28 21 Feb 2007

spooky; while I was typing (and pretending to look busy at work) you posted the spec I was guessing at!

I only wish I could afford one.

  leedaz 15:52 21 Feb 2007

keef66 LOL you skiver! Yes I'm very happy with this setup, just chews through video editing and spits it out, Far Cry, Half Life and Battlefield 2142 fly along at full graphics settings, opens up Photoshop CS2 in 4 or 5 seconds. Luv it!

  Helvornak 15:36 23 Feb 2007

Leedaz & Keef66
Thanks for all the advice, appreciated.

Whats R600 based cards (assume graphics) are they better than the mentioned NVIDIA 8800GTS. is it worth waiting?

  leedaz 17:49 23 Feb 2007

click here

Helvornak, this seems to suggest the ATI 600 is gonna be a monster, depends what you have in mind. As I said my 8800GTS flies through the latest games at full settings and is DirectX 10 compatible, but is a glutton for power..

click here

but the new 600 is allegedly more power hungry!

  Helvornak 11:15 25 Feb 2007

Leedaz or Keef66
I'm looking at the MESH X-treme SLI GS9 which appears to have 2x 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS. There is an upgrade to 1x 640MB nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS (for extra £55). I take it from that that the later one graphics card is better than the two together?

  keef66 20:42 25 Feb 2007

Yes, much better. And if you have money to burn in the future, you could always buy a second 8800gts and run two of them in SLI mode

  leedaz 09:01 26 Feb 2007

agree with keef66, you can add another 8800 in the future if needed. BTW you can use nvidia ntune to underclock the card when not using it for gaming to save on the leccy bill! :-)

  Helvornak 20:39 26 Feb 2007

Thanks again people.. looks like I've made a decision then but may be spending a little more than than the £1200..(mustn't tell the missus tho)at least we share the cost of the bills!

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