New Forum needed soon

  wee eddie 08:48 11 Jun 2006

Suggested Title - Vista

  MichelleC 09:25 11 Jun 2006

Is there that many problems already?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:31 11 Jun 2006

The FE has promised one when vista is due for release - I may well give it a go soon and see how things run with it.

  Belatucadrus 11:00 11 Jun 2006

With Vistas ever sliding release date, there's no rush. Unless you want a really cliquey forum for beta testers.

  spuds 11:20 11 Jun 2006

If PCA opened a Vista forum for Beta testing problems, then Microsoft may have an 'unofficial' advantage :O)

  Jak_1 12:34 11 Jun 2006

As with XP, I will wait until the majority of the inevitable bugs are sorted before I upgrade :-) I still have not got round to putting SP2 on this pc yet!

  iscanut 12:48 11 Jun 2006

Ditto Jak_1. Me neither ! Microsoft support for SP1 runs out in October next but will not cause me sleepness nights !

  amonra 13:13 11 Jun 2006

Suggested tiltle Vista ?

V - very
I - interesting
S - shall
T - try
A - another (time)

  howard63 13:28 11 Jun 2006

1 pc still on ME and 1 on XP as a pensioner I cannot see me changing over to Vista any time soon.

  Pine Man 15:16 11 Jun 2006

A lot of people are downloading the beta version of Vista and some are having problems that could be resolved by other users.

A quick search reveals 100 threads on Vista and one of them has over 40 replies.

Surely this is just the sort of issue that should have its own forum.

I, like Howard63, am a pensioner but what better way to try Vista for free rather than shelling out loadsa money for the full version when it arrives.

  spuds 15:29 11 Jun 2006

But that's the point, if you like Vista in its beta form,this will possibly entice you to buy the full product on release. All to do with constructive marketing. Show the doggie the bone sought of thing. :O)

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