New Forum ????

  roygbiv 12:53 22 Mar 2004

Since the Forum has changed, i have found it very very slow,some posts not loading, no "my postings, consumerwatch and helproom only a few pages.

What has happened ?? where's all the previous posts??

  ianeon 13:48 22 Mar 2004

Glad its not only me that is experiencing these things - new isn't necessarily better ?

  Kate B 13:51 22 Mar 2004

Yeah, very erratic with me, too ...

  Bagsey 14:01 22 Mar 2004

<no "my postings, consumerwatch and helproom only a few pages.>
I have never found them to be missing. As for last point about only few pages this is apparently being worked. I also find the site much faster than previously.

  Smiler 14:09 22 Mar 2004

Where did you find out it's being worked??

  Bagsey 16:07 22 Mar 2004

A very good question. It has to be on this site since the weekend. I think that the posting was by the FE but the thread has dropped off the end of the pages. I have tried to search for it but its a no go.

  goonerbill 18:20 22 Mar 2004

everything is ok when i log on. everything is there but only the 2 pages but haven't seen any postings from FE about this problem but i'm not saying there wasn't one.

  BIG ben strikes 10 18:31 22 Mar 2004

same,very slow!

  Djohn 19:08 22 Mar 2004

where FE explains about teething problems and that the team are working on it. click here

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