new to formating.

  garybaldy 17:03 04 Jan 2003
  garybaldy 17:03 04 Jan 2003

please help? i have heard about the benefits of formating and would like to give it a try .i am a new computer user so would appreciate guidance in simple turns .i use windows XP which i installed in the hardrive when i bought my computer ,will i need to uninstall windows and if so how do i reinstall as i do not have a back up disc.

  recap 17:20 04 Jan 2003

You can find a whole host of information in the search facility garybaldy. Just type in format or fdisc in the search window and select for both title and post.

hope you find what you require?

  Quiller. 17:48 04 Jan 2003

Are you saying that you do not have a winx\p disk or recovery c\d?

If so do not format.

If no c\d, how far back does your system restore go to? Mine is over 3 months.

If you have the c\d. Do you have motherboard drivers?, graphics drivers, sound drivers, modem drivers etc.

  garybaldy 19:01 04 Jan 2003

bsod ,to be honest with you i dont know ,when i bought the laptop about 3 months ago i was promted to install xp straight away i did not receive a windows disc but i do have a product recovery Dvd rom. i am a complete beginner as you can proberly tell.

  Quiller. 20:50 04 Jan 2003

If you have only had x\p running for 3 months you should not really be looking for a format. Do you have major problems with x\p?

Or do you just want to do it to see if you can run it better.

If things have deteriorated lately, just do a system restore. You can do this from start\ accessories\ system tools \ system restore. Pick a date were you know every thing was alright.

Your recovery disk SHOULD have your operating system and drivers on, so keep it safe.

If you get to the point were you are experiencing extreme difficulty with the operating system, this is time to think of a reinstall.

  DieSse 23:29 04 Jan 2003

You have not been well informed - formatting in itself has no benefits. Formatting and the complete starting again that this entails, is only to be used if you have the kind of problems that only re-fomatting might solve.

I strongly urge you not to do this, which is not the simplest thing in the world for a "first-timer" - but if you do have any problems, queries or difficulties, ask them here, where you will generally get lots of good advice.

If you do, or ever did need to reformat, there is also good advice and guides available on how to do it, by the way.

  garybaldy 23:56 04 Jan 2003

i want to reformate for 2 reasons the first is to see weather it will increase the performance of my computer and the second reason is to see just how difficult it is to do.
As i am sure you will understand as a newbie i am finding computing very educational and every spare moment i have is spent trying to work out new things i am learning everyday.But how do i back up everything from drive c,do i need to back everything up on disc ,will i lose my favorites on explorer and what will happen to things i have payed for to download from the internet.

  Quiller. 00:14 05 Jan 2003

You will loose EVERYTHING unless you backup.

Your 2 reasons are not valid.

For these reasons, I am sorry. I cannot help you.

  woodchip 00:16 05 Jan 2003

One of your best bets is to buy plenty of mags and books and read and apply, but as you say there is no replacement to getting your hands dirty. But do it with a second hand computer, you should be able to pic one up very cheap

  DieSse 00:24 05 Jan 2003

Reformatting wipes out everything on your hard drive - absolutely everything.

Thus you will lose every scrap of what you have, unless you save everything you need first.

Whilst reformatting can speed up older systems that have accumulated lots or rubbish, it is not the thing to do "just to see", or even "for the practice". In fact XP is much better at maintaining performance on a system than earlier versions.

I think your aim to learn lots about your PC is very laudable - I don't think a reformat is a good think to practice with though.

Getting a good backup strategy going is a better thing to study and understand - and is essential should you ever need to reformat or take similar drastic action. Put the horse before the cart in this instance.

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