new form of networking?

  WaiKent 20:26 18 Oct 2003

hi, i was browsing the web page when i came across a device which you can have a network via your electrical sockets and wires. has anyone ever bought one, as it looks pretty cool and no more wires. it seems pretty easy to set up just plug adapter into socket and router into adapter and etc. client pcs connect on a different socket in the house?

  recap 20:55 18 Oct 2003

Not bought one WaiKent but I do know that a power company are running trials up in Scotland on BB down the mains electricity supply lines.

Wonder if PCA can shed some light on the device you are talking about?

  fitshase 21:02 18 Oct 2003

is this it?

click here



  madPentium 22:38 18 Oct 2003

maybe someone can explain to me how networking through a mains socket can work if you have 4 seperate circuits in your home as you are supposed to have to be inline with the latest standards? Surely if you plug a pc in downstairs, it wont talk to a pc upstairs?
If it goes through the consumer unit to get upstairs, then it goes into the street also. Talk about security LOL

  WaiKent 09:29 19 Oct 2003

sorry didnt reply earlier. Madpentium you are right about the security and it was said you press a button or something and it secures it so noone can get through to your socket.

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