New floppy drive not working

  Hetti 18:01 23 Mar 2005

I have just installed a new floppy, when I booted up the PC after installing it I got an error message, (which I did not make a note of)but it said it may be possible to continue press any key, I did and the PC is working OK but the floppy drive is not working at all, I have checked the connections and all seem fine, the drive is shown on the start up screen, can anyone advise please!
Win ME

  Fingees 18:10 23 Mar 2005

Just a check.
Make sure the red lead on the data cable and the power cable face each other. in other words they are next to each other.

It is easy for the data cable to be plugged in wrong way round

  Dorsai 18:10 23 Mar 2005

The only thing that prings to my mind is that you have:

1. A duff new drive.

2. A duff Floppy drive controller (part of the Mobo)

3. Put the data cable in to the drive upside down.

For 1 & 2 the only was to check is either with a new drive, or try the drive in another PC.

For 3, Try turning the cable over.

Sorry it's all I can think of.

  octal 18:12 23 Mar 2005

It may help if you can re-boot and make a note of the error code, have you tested the drive to see if its working?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 23 Mar 2005

1. Cables in correct and secure (red strip to the left when looking at rear, power cable secure

2. FDC enabled in BIOS.

3. Standard floppy disk controler showing im device manager.

  Hetti 18:47 23 Mar 2005

Thanks all
I made a note of error message it says

"An error has occurred at 0028:(000E8BE IN VXD VMM(01)+0000 D8BE.This was called from0028:C004 AD2F IN VXD VFAT (01)+0000B23F IT MAY BE POSSIBLE TO CONTINUE

I have checked in device manager it is listed as Floppy disk controller, when i click on the plus sign, it says "Standard floppy disk controller" so i guess thats OK?

I have not done anything in bios, I'm a newbie at this, should I have done something there?
I'm thinking that what Dorsia says about drive controller maybe a problem is there a way to check this?
I'am now going to check all connections again, and I will look back here soon

  Fingees 20:19 23 Mar 2005

The floppy disk controller is a seperate item.
Floppy disk drive should be listed seperately in device manager.
If it's not there it's not installed.

  Terry Brown 20:27 23 Mar 2005

Try going back to Device manager, uninstalling the floppy disk, then goto Action, scan for hardware changes. It is possible that it is still trying to read the old system files for the Floppy disk. This will force it to check for new settings and install as necessary

  woodchip 20:36 23 Mar 2005

The first thing to check with any drive is the data cable as the plugs they press on are not very good and are the weak link in the drive data reaching the CPU. The plugs only cut into the cable when fitted and I am sure you will find that’s the problem, as the connection’s deteriorates over time

  Hetti 13:40 24 Mar 2005

Thanks all
I think it may be as Dorsai said, a duff floppy drive controller on Mobo, I have put old drive back PC working fine, but I hope I don't need floppy drive any time soon.

Is there a way to check if it is controller on Mobo, and what do I have to do to put it right?

  woodchip 14:03 24 Mar 2005

Delete Floppy controller from Device Manager and restart computer

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