new external hard drive

  gibfish26 18:29 26 Jun 2008

hi all after reading on these posts the importance of backing up your pc,i have just purchased a xtreme esata sata1/11,usb enclosure and a samsung spinpoint 500 gig sata hard drive,when i have installed hd into enclosure is it just a matter of connecting it to my pc via one of the supplied cables,my os is vista premium,pc is a dell 530 inspiron desk top,your advice would be much appreciated,nice and simple please.thanks.

  gazzaho 19:28 26 Jun 2008

You should have no problem connecting it to the computer, the enclosure comes with everything to get you going. If your computer has an external SATA port would you not be better getting a SATA drive enclosure instead of USB? A USB connection will surly slow down transfer speed between drive and computer.

  woodchip 19:41 26 Jun 2008

Read is post a bit slower.

Yes you only need to connect and start using it, as above the sata should be better if it works ok with it

  woodchip 19:48 26 Jun 2008

Sorry if its a Sata to USB converter Caddy

  gibfish26 15:23 27 Jun 2008

gazzaho and woodchip
the enclosure is SATA1/11 TO USB2.0 & eSATA,not yet checked back of pc to see if it has a sata connection,bought the enclosure from pc fair last sunday,spare of the moment purchase really,if pc does not have sata connection what would i need to install one.thanks for your replys much appreciated.


  woodchip 19:33 27 Jun 2008

Only think left would be to use the USB cable that you get with the caddy

  MarvintheAndroid 00:13 28 Jun 2008

Plug the USB cable from your external disk into a USB2 port. The device should be recognised by Windows and appear as a new drive letter - if not, post back.

Backing up to USB2 is still pretty fast although not full speed SATA. However you will only be using it from time to time so probably not an issue.

What software are you using to do the backup, I use Acronis which is quite good. I recommend something that will take a full system state backup (disk image) with the option to make subsequent differential or incremental backups (ie saves changes only).


  gazzaho 00:46 28 Jun 2008

What I was saying was if you put a SATA drive into an enclosure with a USB connection you are limiting the speed of the drive to USB maximum speed, which is alower than the SATA maximum speed.

If you have an external SATA socket at the back of your computer then a SATA drive enclosure would be faster than the USB one you have. If you're happy to have a slower transfer speed while doing backup work then by all means use the enclosure you bought.

  gazzaho 00:49 28 Jun 2008

Sorry mate you just said as much in your post, it's late and I'm not paying proper attention lol. I need to get some sleep.

  gibfish26 09:27 28 Jun 2008

hi all,
many thanks for your replies,i did not know i needed software to do the back ups,this is all new to me so please be patient,is this freeware or do you have to purchase and where do you reccomend to get it from.


  [email protected] 10:36 28 Jun 2008

you can pay for acronis and ghost, i found both to be very hard performance hitters, i use click here and it's free.

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