New to Excel, need simple starting help

  Ray5776 18:42 06 Oct 2006

Hi everyone,
I am trying to use Excel for the first time for many years. I can do the formulae etc but seem to be missing the basics like how to align the decimal point in a colomb or resize a cell.
Can anyone suggest a suitable source of info please
this is an old 2000 version and the integrated help is not very good.

Thanks Ray

  Noldi 18:46 06 Oct 2006

click here
try this one


  VoG II 18:48 06 Oct 2006

click here should get you started.

To align a decimal, click on the column header (e.g. A) to select the column, Format > Cells, Select Number and choose the number of decimal places.

To resize a column click the divider between the column headers, keep the mouse button depressed and drag left or right. To autosize to fit double-click the divider. Similarly for row height.

  Ray5776 19:32 06 Oct 2006

Thanks Noldi,
that was my starting point, I have been using that and it is very useful.

Thanks Vog,
worked fine, so simple if you know, so hard if you dont. I will study your link, strangely I find the formulae and cross referencing relatively easy but fail to get to grips with the basics.
Trying to run before I can walk perhaps:)


  Totally-braindead 19:38 06 Oct 2006

As a suggestion Ray5776 have you consider getting a book out of the library and working through that?
For the absolute beginner can I recommend the Dummies guide this is not a personal comment I hope you realise its what its called - and all the Dummies books are excellent although if you work at it you can soon learn everything in them.

Heres the book I mean click here bit pricey better to borrow from the library I think.

  Ray5776 19:55 06 Oct 2006

Thanks braindead,
I may well buy a copy, I have used the Dummies books before and they are quite good although somewhat limited in their content.
I am not keen on libraries, by the time I remember to return the book the fine is usually more than the cost of buying it:)


  Ray5776 20:44 06 Oct 2006

I have ordered a copy so wont need to keep asking you all.
Just one question before I get the book,
How do I put a title above line 1 using the font size and style and colour of my choice.
Or putting it in line 1 will do if not possible to put it above as a title or header.
The best I can phrase it but does not read very well.


  VoG II 20:46 06 Oct 2006

Click in A1, Insert > Rows. Type what you like and format it as you like.

  Ray5776 21:17 06 Oct 2006

Thanks again Vog,
Worked fine, so simple once you know.
Hope the book covers all this sort of stuff.


  Ray5776 21:20 06 Oct 2006

the link is excellent, very useful.

  Ray5776 19:29 08 Oct 2006

Thanks to all for your guidance in getting me started.
I am very impressed with Excel,I managed to do the spreadsheet I needed with ease once pointed in the right direction.
Waiting for the Dummies book to arrive to see what else it can do.
Will tick as resolved now, thanks again.


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