New to excel

  Iceman244 20:50 15 Dec 2006


I have just started to learn excel and am having a problem with a formula I want to enter.

For example I have a starting amount of 80 in cell A1.

And what I want to do is the following.

When I enter amount / figure in cells B1,C1,D1,E1,F1,G1 and H1 I want it to subtract that amount from the starting amount and enter the answer in cell I1.

So for instance if I entered 5 in B1 then I1 would be 75 and so on with cell I1 updating as I enter amounts in each cell.

Also I want the formula to stay in cell I1 constantly.

I tried =sum (A1-(B1:H1)) and this did not work neither did =A1-B1:H1

I would be grateful if someone could help and talk me through it step by step because as I said I have just started with excel.



  VoG II 21:20 15 Dec 2006

In I1 enter


  Lio 21:53 15 Dec 2006

You could also try =A1-(sum(B1:H1))

  Iceman244 13:17 16 Dec 2006


Thanks for that, the formula works fine but the only thing is the formula does not stay in cell I1 permanently.

If I take all the figures out of every cell and then put a new starting amount in A1 why does cell I1 not update as I start to enter amounts in cells B1 to H1.


  rezeeg 13:48 16 Dec 2006

Silly question but, you're not deleting the resulting amount in cell I1 are you?

  Iceman244 14:17 16 Dec 2006

Yes I am afraid so, sorry unfortunately you have met a real beginner on excel.

I just thought that once you put a formula in a cell it would stay there.

Go on say what an idiot LOL.



  rezeeg 14:50 16 Dec 2006

No probs Iceman244, I've been there too.

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