Ventad 15:56 04 Feb 2007

Just installed a DVD/DL/SONY/AWG170A1 DVD writer by removing 'E' drive cd writer , I still have a DVD/CD reader installed which was 'D'drive this one is now not recognised either. Both drives not recognised in 'my computer'drawers open and close.have installed printer on DVD/CD reader, Belarc has recognised the reader but not the writer. Nero says no Drives installed. HELP!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 04 Feb 2007

Check cable connections and jumper settings put the writer as master and reader as slave if on same cable.

  Kingfisher 16:16 04 Feb 2007

Do as Fruit Bat/\0/\ suggested then have a look in device manager to see if it is listed,also check to see if your old cd writer is still listed if it is click on uninstall in device manager and reboot, windows should find your new drive you will see device found message at bottom of screen,
Good luck

  Ventad 16:22 04 Feb 2007

The two drives are on one cable connection I would have thought that the CD writer that I took out was the master as the other is a DVD/CD reader. If not how do I change settings

  ed-0 16:27 04 Feb 2007

You just read the instructions for the jumper settings on top of the drives.

You can easily test that the new drive is working. With the machine switched off, ease out the IDE ribbon cable from the old drive. The new drive should now show.

If you check the POST page as it loads, with the old drive disconnected. It should tell you on which channel the new drive is recognised. Master or slave.

  Ventad 17:48 04 Feb 2007

i disconnected the reader and although device manager still said it was the reader the dvd writer worked and called it drive 'd'. does this mean that it was not swithched as master?

  ed-0 18:00 04 Feb 2007

It means that you have both jumpered the same,either as master or as slave, as mentioned above.

This proves to you that the drive is fine.

All you have to do now is to alter the jumper settings. As said above, the settings instructions are written on top of the drives. You need to set the dvd writer to master and the reader to slave.

When you have both working and you install the software for the dvd writer, it will then be recognised as a dvd writer in device manager. Until any software is installed, all cdrw's and dvdrw's are seen as readers. It is the software that changes them.

How to change jumper settings on an optical drive. click here

  Ventad 18:21 04 Feb 2007

thanks ed-O
sorted now, was nearly tearing what hair I had left out

  ed-0 18:31 04 Feb 2007

It is just what the other advisors had mentioned before.

Glad you have it sorted.

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