new drive not working

  Muergo 09:25 30 Sep 2009

As advised I have initialised the second internal hard drive but it does not appear to be available.

It shows up as Drive 1, the existing drive is drive 0 (C:) but the new one shows "unallocated"
What have I not yet done?

Note there are two external hard drives F: AND G: connected to usb ports, making a total of four storage drives 0,1,2,3.

  BRYNIT 09:32 30 Sep 2009

This might help click here

  alan2273 09:33 30 Sep 2009

Have you formatted the drive to NTFS?.

  Technotiger 09:37 30 Sep 2009

Please stick to your original thread - or at the very least put a Link to that thread here, so that others can see the whole thing!

  Muergo 10:05 30 Sep 2009

last message received on this topic I was asked to open a new thread, that's what I have done!!

Do I need partition drive or reformat again, getting in a spin on this one

  BRYNIT 10:16 30 Sep 2009

The thread supplied was on the same subject if you read through it it should help you.

  Technotiger 13:01 30 Sep 2009

Yes, I had forgotten that - was thinking you were referring to an original thread of your own.

  yorkieman 14:29 30 Sep 2009

i am having the same problem but i have xp connected a 500gbt external drive formatted to ntfs shows up in disc management as healthy but not showing in my computer, my other 2 external drives show up ok how did you solve it? i am compleatley baffled

  Muergo 15:20 30 Sep 2009

Have only just got all these messages, been without broadbandfor ages, spent two hours on the phone to Taltalk Delhi faultline, not impressed at all going out to bang head on tree

  Muergo 15:38 01 Oct 2009

Please advise if different to link you gave above which was not the same as my stem which is XP, new drive is currently labelled 1 after initialising, I do not want a partition, just use the whole capacity not split up to add 160Gb to the original 40Gb both internal.

I only want to use them for day to day e-mailing browsing etc, I have two other external drives of 160Gb and 1Tb both connected by usb cables, these take the backup and mass photo storage respectively.

How do I get the new internal working as an extension/added capacity of the original internal.

I hope I have explained it clearly this time, and thank you all for your perseverence.
No more banging head on trees after this is solved.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 01 Oct 2009

I do not want a partition, just use the whole capacity not split up to add 160Gb to the original 40Gb both internal.

From the other thread you posted in (someone else's which was why I said start your own) I said

Disk 1 will be your new drive

1. In the Disk Management window, complete one of the following procedures, and then continue to step 2:
* To create a new partition, right-click unallocated space on the basic disk where you want to create the partition, and then click New Partition.

2. In the New Partition Wizard, click Next.

3. Click the type of partition that you want to create (Primary), and then click Next.

4. Specify the size of the partition (accept the default full size of the drive) in the Partition size in MB box, and then click Next.

5. Decide whether to manually assign a drive letter, let the system automatically enumerate the drive, or do not assign a drive letter to the new partition or logical drive, and then click Next.
6. Specify the formatting options you want to use by using one of the following procedures:
* If you want to format the partition, click Format this partition with the following settings, and then complete the following procedure in the Format dialog box:
1. Type a name for the volume in the Volume label box. This is an optional step.
2. Click the file system that you want to use in the File system box. (NTFS)

select Full format for a new drive on NTFS volumes.
Click Next.

7. Confirm that the options that selected are correct, and then click Finish.

Don't worry It wont let you format the C:drive and lose your operating system.

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