new drive

  chippy+ 17:07 04 Jun 2008

hi i fitted a new 160g drive replacing a 40g one i used an acronis image of the 40g drive but now it shows as a 37.26g when i go into disk management it shows as disk 0 basic 145.05gb then 37.26 healthy system and 111.79 unallocated how do i make this all the one partition i have got an external disc for storage thanks Chippy

  Technotiger 17:17 04 Jun 2008

What OS? If XP, what format is the drive FAT or NTFS, it should be the latter.

  chippy+ 17:24 04 Jun 2008

hi Technotiger
thanks for the reply the op is xphome NTFS format thanks Chippy

  Ditch999 17:31 04 Jun 2008

Did you use the Disk Utilities>Clone Disk option in ATI?
If you just did a restore partition operation then you would end up with a 37.26GB partition on the new drive as the partition info of the old drive is stored in the image.

  Technotiger 17:38 04 Jun 2008

Read this through to the end, it might help ... click here

  woodchip 17:45 04 Jun 2008

Acronis as loaded the Image as it should according to what it asked you to do when you clicked restore.

You should have changed it so that it expanded the Image Partition if that is what you wanted.

The Image it loaded is the Partition complete with all that was on it. If you want to leave it like that, you can Partition to use the rest of the drive by right click on My Computer choose Manage\Disc Manager the click the unallocated space and activate and format that to use it

  chippy+ 18:39 04 Jun 2008

hi woodchip yes you are right i have made a mistake how can i get all the space(149g)back on my disk and still keep my data thanks Chippy

  woodchip 20:47 04 Jun 2008

Restore the Image again

  chippy+ 23:09 04 Jun 2008

hi woodchip formatted unallocated space and made a partition resized C drive which took the allocated space and gave me back my full drive Chippy

  woodchip 23:12 04 Jun 2008

well thats what I would have done

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