New to dongle working. Vodaphone no emails arriving

  Ankermi31 09:21 21 Sep 2011

Laptop operating vista with AVG Internet Security.

Have purchased a Vodaphone dongle PAYG K456R and downloaded software.

Receiving emails no problems.

Cannot send out emails neither do sms get through.

Current ISP Orangehome.

Would be very grateful for guidance

  onthelimit1 09:32 21 Sep 2011

What prog are you using for mail?

  onthelimit1 09:33 21 Sep 2011

Some details of settings here

  Ankermi31 10:08 21 Sep 2011

onthelimit1 thanks your reply.

This particular laptop is Windows Live Mail

Dongle info originally posted incorrect model is a K330 PAYG

Confirm all settings to be correct as per your link

  Woolwell 10:39 21 Sep 2011

But if you are using a Vodaphone dongle then your smtp settings should be for Vodaphone. It is probably or You should ask Vodaphone or it may be in the instructions with it.

At home or when not using the dongle then you need to change back to the Orange settings.

  Ankermi31 11:21 21 Sep 2011

Hi Woolwell

Hmmp well the instructions that came with the dongle are to put it bluntly only fit for the shredder.

Will see if can contact Vodaphone but not holding breath on how long that will take.

Excuse me for asking such a basic question but this is a rather aged silver surfer.

  Woolwell 11:50 21 Sep 2011

Also a silver surfer as are many on here. It was not a basic question. Getting to send e-mails whilst out and about can be tricky (especially with wifi) which is why I use webmail rather than an e-mail client when on the move. That way you don't have to worry about smtp settings. The downside to that is with pop e-mail then you do not get a copy of your sent e-mails on your pc/laptop. But with imap you do.

  Ankermi31 17:28 21 Sep 2011

Hi again Woolwell Thanks for been supportive. Given the run around with Vodaphone gave up on them.

Anyway have now sorted it I think as follows

1.Open Orange home page. 2.Access email via their "check your email link" 3.Send email from there.

It arrives at its destination without necessity of changing the "normal email settings to Vodapone"

I have, so far today, received and sent ok via this method.

Will have to check it again tomorrow, just in case!

Now off to let of the frustrations watching a game of rugby.

Thanks again for your help.

  Woolwell 18:05 21 Sep 2011

You've done it through webmail.

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