New Domain Types Advice Needed

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 07:50 11 Aug 2005

I am producing a web site and am now considering hosting and more important at the moment a domain name.
I have heard that there is a new 'dot' type i.e. '.ws'. Is this true and could I use it for private stuff (with perhaps a bit of business on the side)?

Is '' worth having (I am finding the names I want are more or less gone!) Also where is it best to buy my domain names? Although I am prepared to consider a complete host package for about £5/mth, I want independance between name and hoster. A little confused generally on this front. Perhaps there is somewhere I can read in depth about this. Trying not to end up a right plonker with something I do'nt want.

On the Host front I have looked at 1&1 (looks good for a novice but do I need their software as I am plunging in with MX and CSS), Fasthosts, and will soon look at namesco.

Some general airing and directing would be appreciated before I commit. Cheers.

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about these issues - many people find themselves lost when it comes to sorting out their own domain name and hosting.

As you've discovered, the 'main' domain name suffixes - like .com and and .net have long ago run out of really significant names, and it's increasingly difficult to find anything that's of much use. We've seen other suffixes appear over the past two or three years - a notable one for us was - and these have enjoyed varying degrees of success.

If you want to run a commercial site you really do need to find a name in the big three or four high levels (.com or .net) if you want to make an impact, although I have registered quite a few names for clients of mine over the past two years or so - it's becoming an increasingly popular suffix.

If you simply want a name for a personal site, then is fine, but it has little or no impact as a commercial suffix.

You can register your name with one company and host it with another (or organise domain forwarding) but there's little point in that - you'll find that any good host will register your name for you as a matter of routine. It's far better to keep everything under one roof, and you don't have to get involved in moving the name around from one name server to another.

My current web-host of choice is HeartInternet
click here

I've used most of the big companies over the years, and I've finally settled with HeartInternet (I have a reseller account with them) as being about the best I've tried. The better-known hosts will all offer you a broadly similar package, and it's never easy to choose. I used 1&1 for a while, but to be perfectly honest I had considerable problems - mainly with FrontPage sites - and I found the customer service didn't always live up to expectations. I may have had an isolated bad experience of course, but since moving my sites to Heart I haven't had a single problem.

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