New to digital camera's/computers-can anyone help

  Tabatha 15:08 13 Jan 2003
  Tabatha 15:08 13 Jan 2003


For Christmas I was given a Fujifilm FINEPIX A203 Digital camera. Brilliant. Have now learnt all the features, have downloaded software which came which camera (FinePixViewer/ImageMixer VCD for FinePix 2.0,) and they am pleased with the way I can view them on the screen.
What now though? I want to be able to digitally manipulate them, e.g. remove red eye, experiment with backgrounds, create 'interesting images.'
So I was advised to buy Paint Shop Pro 7, which arrived this morning.
I've downloaded the software for that, and now I am stuck again!! How do I get my downloaded photographs to work with Paint Shop Pro 7. I've read the booklets which came with it, but can't read anything which states how I can actually get into the photo's to 'fiddle' with them.
Hope I am making sense.


  Stuartli 15:13 13 Jan 2003

You have to open whichever pic file you want to manipulate in Paint Shop Pro 7.

By reading the manual again you will find out just how to do it and how to manipulate, alter etc.

That's what the Help files, manuals etc are for, but once you have tried it you will find it all makes sense.

  Maughan 15:17 13 Jan 2003

You will presumably have saved your photos in a sub-folder in My Documents.

In PSP, click on File>Open then select the successive sub-location of the photo you want to manipulate, until finally you double click on the selected one. It will then open in PSP. You then use the PSP tools to do what you want to the photo.

When you want to save the altered image, you can either click File>Save, which will (I think) save the altered image over/instead of the original (which you probably don't want to do), or you can choose File>Save As... and you can choose a new name and save the altered photo alongside the original.

I hope that answers your question.

Although I have a similar set-up as you, I have yet to explore PSP to know what it is capable of doing!


  krislas 15:26 13 Jan 2003

Hi, you may also find it useful to get yourself a book about Paint Shop Pro. PC World do a good selection, and places like are also good. A usefull magazine with lots of info and tutorials is Digital Camera Magazine. Issue 4 due out on 16th. Enjoy.

  BrianW 15:56 13 Jan 2003

A quick way to get started is to open PSP/7 then click on File followed by Browse. Then select the folder in which you have your photos. Click on the one you want to work with and then use Edit / Copy/ to create a new image. You can then play with the new image to try out all the options along the top bar, without risk of damaging your original. The more you play, the more you will learn. When you have finished, close without saving unless you happen to get something that you like.

  Vidman 17:47 13 Jan 2003

Digital photo manipulation.
Don't lose heart It's a case of making haste slowly. It's like Stuartli said, Read The Instruction Book. I used to work in the TV trade and it was surprising how many problems could be solved by getting the customer to do this!
I personally use Adobe Home Edition 3 and it is surprising what can be done with a little care and patience, I feel sure most programmes are very similar.Touching up old pictures and colouring black and white ones is very interesting,assuming you have a scanner, I think a scanner is complimentary to a digital camera. Lots to do so keep at it, it will all click before you realise it.
Best of luck

  Tabatha 18:16 13 Jan 2003


No I hadn't saved them. That's what I wanted to know. Thank you so much. It has taken me nearly all day,looking at help, etc., but all I had to do was save as, then go into my documents, double click, then MAGIC. AND I changed the name of the files like you suggested; so they made more sense to me, like Christmas 20002, New Year Photos!!!!!!
Funny isn't it, that something so simple could cause so many problems. For me anyway. I told you I was NOT computer literate. Thanks.


I will definately order a copy from Amazon. Thanks

All the rest of you. Thanks as well. I have printed a copy of everything.

(I know where to come now if I have problems - is that ok?)

  Tabatha 18:21 13 Jan 2003


What does a scanner do? Shall I buy one? And what sort?

Am I digging a hole here????????????

  woodchip 18:32 13 Jan 2003

Scanner's are for scanning photo's you have already got from normal camera you can scan them into PaintShop pro and edit them

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