New Digital Camera

  woodbexhill 10:30 16 May 2004

I'm looking to purchase a new Digital Camera but there's so many on the market I don't know what to look for.

My budget is probably up to £200, and it would also be a bonus if it had a smartmedia slot as I have a smartmedia card reader and a couple of spare cards so I could store more images.

If anyone has any advice/recommendations on digital cameras in general or on any specific products it'd be greatly appreciated.


  pj123 10:55 16 May 2004

Don't go below 3mp. Make sure it has optical zoom. There doesn't appear to be many new cameras that take smartmedia these days. I found this one click here There are lots of others (not smartmedia) to compare on the same site. Just select your own criteria and see the results.

  Ivor_Monkey 10:57 16 May 2004

Good site for reviews
click here

Decide what you want it for, but generally you should get at least 2 milion pixels.

  pj123 11:03 16 May 2004

Or try this page. 61 cameras within your price range, not necessarily smartmedia though. The one I have is the Minolta Z1, very good camera, takes SD and MMC cards. I also have a 7 in 1 card reader which accepts all camera cards from ebuyer. Check here click here

  woodbexhill 11:06 16 May 2004

What do you think about?

click here

click here

  pj123 14:04 16 May 2004

Both look good to me. But the camera on the first link doesn't have a name. I still think the Minolta Z1 is far superior and has a 10x optical zoom and it also comes with a 16mb SD card. Alkaline batteries don't last very long so I suggest you get NiMh with at least 1500 mAh rechargable batteries with a charger unit.

  woodbexhill 14:58 16 May 2004

Well the Minolta Z1 looks a good camera from the research I've done. It does come with an inbuilt flash, right? It' just ebuyer says it's compatible with Minolta's external flashes. I assume (and hope) that is just for extra flashes.

Also, what is the VGA movie recording feature like? Does it record sound - asumably not? What is the quality like? How long does it record video for?

  Stuartli 15:26 16 May 2004

Your best bet is not to buy just on price and specification - you might not like what you end up with.

The most sensible thing to do is to go to Jessops and ask to be able to handle and use various models in your price range with the necessary specifications.

Many digital cameras are far smaller than equivalent film models and many people find this difficult to come to terms with at first.

I would not normally advise you to use a retail outlet in this fashion - some people do and then go and buy elsewhere to save a few pounds, which is frankly diabolical - but because Jessops, apart from being an excellent outlet, will price match within reasonable limits.

  Stuartli 15:28 16 May 2004

Current memory card prices are so low that SmartMedia needn't come into the equation.

My camera uses the postage stamp sized Secure Digital and MMC compatible cards - 64MB SD cards are as low as £15-£16.

  pj123 16:03 16 May 2004

Yes it has an inbuilt flash, but so does every other digital camera. Effective up to about 7ft. The Z1 has a hotshoe on the top for an external (more powerful) flash but you can only use Minolta's dedicated flashguns (very expensive) at the moment. Never tried the "movie" mode but yes it should record sound and, depending on the size of the card should be somewhere around 30sec to 1 minute of video. Don't see the point of recording video on a digital still camera when I have a digital moviecam. After all I don't use my ordinary film camera to record movies. The quality of movies on any digital still camera is awful anyway.

  anniecat 16:09 16 May 2004

I've been scrounging around for a digital, I have a canon eo 5000 35mm slr and thought that any of the reputable slr manufacturers would have made equally good digitals but the reviews I've read have not been very encouraging unless you have mega bucks to spend..

click here

this Kodak had excellent reviews for it's price, I think the price on the link is the best I could find on pricerunner etc. it might be on offer a bit cheaper elsewhere now, it's a few weeks since I looked at this link

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