new dialup setup problems

  GYPSY 22:43 27 Jul 2004

Hi, I have today been helping a mate to try and connect to the internet as a first time user as he was having problems. He has a second hand pc (hp pavillion)W98se. He has a modem which appears to be working ok and a dial tone. We have tried to connect using AOL 9, Tiscalli & Tesco net but in each case although the modem dials and you can then hear the computers talking to each other no final connection is made, basically the connection "times out".
My feeling is that either the bt connection to the property is very poor, or possibly the pc has an "on board" modem which is confusing the connection(although only one modem is shown by windows)
The bt connection is also used for Sky TV but this was not on at this time.
Any ideas?

  THE TERMINATOR 23:34 27 Jul 2004

Sorry if I sound bland, but is your friend using an external(USB) modem for BB, if that is the case then it could be he is having probs with an internal modem (I did), to check if he has an internal modem there will be a phone jack at the back of his pc. If there is, I would open the case and take it out....TT

  Eastender 00:00 28 Jul 2004

Try setting up a DUN using the Tel No. 0845 1121212, use any user name and any password and report back.

  GYPSY 07:51 28 Jul 2004

Terminator, no it is a pci modem dialup 56k, he ain't got BB in his village yet.
Eastender, sorry but what is a DUN?

  Androcles 09:15 28 Jul 2004

A friend of mine had the same prob turned out he had an answer machine connected at the same time,could it be this?

  GYPSY 19:13 28 Jul 2004

Androcles, no answerphone, i have told my mate to ask for the gain to be turned up by bt, ill let you know if this solves it

  Eastender 23:19 28 Jul 2004

DUN-Dial up network (Internet Connection), Can't remember exactly how to do it in Win98 but have a look in Control Panel for something like Network Connection and follow the Wizard.

  nyleridedog 23:25 28 Jul 2004

click here

its sound

  GYPSY 19:31 30 Jul 2004

Thanks for your help , i will be over at my mates next week i will let you know how i get on

  GYPSY 22:38 21 Sep 2004

Thanks for all your help, I replaced the modem in the end, the original although seemingly ok was duff! it confused the issue further by being on the same daughterboard as the soundcard so i had to replace that as well!

  hippie54 17:56 23 Aug 2006

For what its worth i've been with tiscali dial up for some time. and lately to gain or maintain a connection has been a nightmare; hovever, when i disconnect Sky tv from bt socket, connection is faultless; have beeen onto BT to get them to switch off AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and then increase gain, but still waiting so will let you know outcome. At present, i disconnect Sky from socket, connect to internet, and then reconnect Sky's not ideal but it works until a decent solution is found

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