New Desktop or Upgrade?

  haricot 09:27 13 Aug 2007

Hi Guys , I am trying a new thread on this.
I'm on the Dilema Horns here.
I 've got an Intel Pentium 3 Proc: 801MHz and 512 Ram and I think about 19Gb Hard drive of which I am currently using half. All my gear is about 8 years old ( I am very..... much older hence my inability to grasp this science!
I am absolutely hopeless understanding things computer so you will have keep advice simple.
For yonks now my computer has been slow . Not only Microsft Outlook and Internet Explorer but everything else.
I got rid of my Nortons and took on AVG instead plus another couple of free protective things.

What do I do to improve things..

Upgrade and Get more memory/ Get a better processor or Motherboard/ get a better anything else OR (although I can't really afford but will try if I have to) push the boat out and get another more modern and faster Desktop.
All suggestions will be appreciated, even rude ones.

  birdface 09:43 13 Aug 2007

You are not alone,Same problem,I am just running this till it packs up,I cannot see the point of up-grading it would cost to mutch,Computers are fairly cheap at the moment so probably a new one would be a better investment.Cash problem,Yes its not easy when you have a small income,[Pension Etc]Just a matter of spreading the word to your family and hope Santa is good to you,

  mad1234 09:47 13 Aug 2007

if your pc is 8 years old then i would think you will struggle to get memory chips to fit & if you can they will be very expensive. personally i would look for a new pc which would probably run out cheaper than upgrading anyway.

  Diemmess 10:27 13 Aug 2007

Worthwhile upgrade will cost much more than a new computer.

I like fiddling about with "improvements" but on two occasions this year have bought a new "box" from Novatech. click here

In each case it was cheaper to buy a ready to go machine, than to build one from its component parts

  umbongo(uk) 10:41 13 Aug 2007

you any good at building soya or you want to buy prebuilt

  haricot 12:28 13 Aug 2007

Many thanks to buteman,mad1234,Diemmess and umbongo(uk) for your responses.No I am totally
inexperienced at building computers so a pre-built would seem to be the answer especially in view of what the other guys said.
Thanks again.

  norman47 13:05 13 Aug 2007

You could get a new one for under £200 click here. It's basic but it does have the latest operating system and lots of features.

It can be expanded over the years and should be a vast improvment on what you have.

You could even use your old hard drive in the system to save all your data.

  Batch 13:43 13 Aug 2007

Just to add to what the others have said, your existing system is restricted in so many departments that upgrading only some elements may well make little improvement. You could be looking at new disk, memory and CPU and even then you might find that the motherboard itself needd upgrading (e.g. to take a reasonable CPU). Just don't go there - it isn't worth the pain & cost.

If you want to keep costs down, you could go for a new system without a monitor (like the one norman47's link refers to) and use your existing one (but I'm guessing that's a CRT and you might like to take the opportunity to get s system with a flat panel).

  haricot 14:17 13 Aug 2007

Thnks Norman47 and Batch.
What you say sounds good to me. But...don't I recall that Acer are a bit "Iffy" after Sales wise. When I "googled" Acer asking this ,they did not have too many good reports.
Also I think I would like a Tad more speed and would be prepared to Rake the barrel so to speak to pay for more speed. Yep ,I would like a better monitor so would go for a flat screen. But your theory sound good . Get a good performing basic kit and add a few bits on at the outset.
Thanks again

  Batch 14:34 13 Aug 2007

BTW, if you are go for a Vista system, you may need more than 512MB of memory (e.g. 1GB).

If you mostly use your PC for browsing and "office" type work I would guess the Acer box would be seriously faster than what you have at the mo.

  umbongo(uk) 16:38 13 Aug 2007

do you have a copy of windows xp if so we can rule out buying a system with an operating system on and this will save some pennys

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