New Desktop advice please

  Konfused 20:08 27 Dec 2007

I do a bit of VB6 programming, a bit of web surfing (only about 4-6 hours per week) and have a 'medium' sized collection of images. I do not do any gaming whatsoever. So what machine would be "best" for me?

My simplistic questions are:
Presumably I would be best off with a very fast duo dual core processor in preference to a quad processor? What speed is "best" or should I be looking for?

Why would my application benefit from increasing from 2Gb to 4Gb RAM? OR is 2Gb sufficient?

Why do I need a graghics card - whould it be used in my application?

I want a really good 22" FP monitor which hopefully will last a few years and go with my next computer which I purchase after this one - but which manufacturer and model would be "best"?

So what machine would be "best" for me if I have say £800-900 to spend or should I look at £500 and buy twice as often.........................

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:08 28 Dec 2007

I know its obvious,but without a graphics card,you'll see nothing, just a blank monitor!
As for your other questions,other forum members are far better qualified than me to advise you.

  fishface113 20:27 28 Dec 2007

I would advise that you buy a basic unit without monitor. There are many about for less than £300. Any of them will have ample performance for what you are doing. They generally have built in graphics and sound that will give adequate performance. Then add a monitor of your choice, I use a Fujitsu L22 22" widescreen which I find excellent for the money. You would be then wise to add a decent sized external drive in the 320 - 500 gig range to store your pictures and data.
If you shop carefully you should stay around the £500 mark.

Oh and if its Vista installed make sure you have 2 gigs of ram cos it will need it.

Good Luck

Try ebuyer they have several base units available.

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