New Dell Laptop v slow

  hawthorn59 16:33 15 Apr 2008


Im helping a friend to setup his new Dell Laptop.
I also have a new HP and I tried to log on to On my laptop it took less than 5 seconds; on his 2-3 minutes later its still not up, and the status bar across the bottom is only half full.

I have Athlon 64x2, 1.73, Vista Home Premium, 2 gig ram,

He has Pentium Dual - Core, 1,73, Vista Home Premium, 2 gig almost identical.

In general so far I find his laptop a bit sluggish at times, though we're just setting it up.

We were both on IE7, though at the top bar his said Internet Explorer provided by Dell.

Now just notice on his a msg saying

IE cannot display Webpage and a few suggestions.

And we're both connected by his wireless connection. Hope we havent to return the dell!!

I had a friend who bought a dell laptop (ok it was home basic, 1 gig ram) and we just had to return it, it was crawling.



  hawthorn59 16:39 15 Apr 2008

I notice on a few other sites that I put in at random, that there was little difference in the speed. It seems to be on click here that I can connect to the page and he cant.


  Woolwell 16:44 15 Apr 2008

You don't state what anti-virus/malware/firewall he has and you have. Nor if there are any other programs open. Anti-phishing or privacy controls can slow pages down. Are your IE7 settings identical?
What graphics do you and your friend have? There may be shared graphics which will reduce the amount of RAM.

  hawthorn59 19:38 15 Apr 2008

OK Im not sure of graphics. Im presuming in or around the same, as they were near enough in price.(Not a correct guideline Im sure but anyway)

He has McAfee installed, which I probably will uninstall and get AVG for him. I have AVG. Im using Vista Firewall, I think he is using McAfee firewall (I presume his vista one is not turned on)

Also dont know if IE settings are the same. I didnt alter mine, but maybe Dell set theirs up differently.

But even if there are differences, why would it appear to be only on google/gmail sites?

Anyway I shut mine down, and his now seems to be running fairly smartly! Cant understand it. Will monitor the situation.


  anskyber 19:49 15 Apr 2008

A good start is to look at the crapware on the machine which many manufaturers install and dump the rubbish.

Secondly lok at the number of start up programs these can act like glue. click here

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